Academic Program Review of the

Master’s of Education—Professional Development Programs (ME-PD)

§         Initial Certification

§         Professional Development

§         Learning Community


The Academic Program Review sub-committee met with the School of Education on March 28, 2006.


Program Director Response to APR Report (in bold after bulleted APR concerns)


The Academic Program Review sub-committee’s review of the MEPD program reveals these areas of concern:


·         The Learning Community Track is the only one that lists explicit goals.  The

Initial Certification Track and the Traditional Professional Development Track refer to goals, but they are not clearly specified.  Goals need to be listed consistently in the beginning of each track’s self-study.


·         Follow-up interviews of graduates of the Traditional Professional

Development Track can be expanded.  Five per year is not a very large   


Developing an assessment system of all ME-PD tracks is a program priority.


·         The content of the portfolio and the nature of the capstone project of the Learning Community Track could be described.


·         As the Initial Certification Track self-study avows, the program needs more follow-up of its graduates to determine the real impact of the degree on their teaching (as compared to undergraduate certification degrees).

The program director clarified that all initial certification graduates are involved in the same program evaluation and follow-up as undergraduates seeking certification in their respective programs.


·         The Initial Certification and the Traditional Professional Development Track offer an exam vs. thesis option, and very few elect to write a thesis.  This tendency needs to be examined and perhaps challenged.


·         The Learning Community Track seems to be taking students away from the Traditional Professional Development Track.  This, too, maybe deserve some study.

We have established a pre-program assessment for learning community students to assist in program improvement.  We will also consider soliciting information from applicants regarding their choice in the traditional ME-PD track to examine trends and needs of adult learners.

·         Clearly, all three tracks of the MEPD program need to keep the current review at or near the top of their future assessment strategies in order to establish a solid history of self-study.