Charge to the Search and Screen Committee
Dean of Science and Health
October 11, 2005


Ø      It is essential that the pool of candidates for this position is diverse (including gender and racial/ethnic diversity) at all stages of the review process. This may require efforts in addition to the standard printed advertisement and notification techniques. Al Thompson, Jennifer Wilson and I may be able to provide assistance in this task if the committee would find it useful.


Ø      I expect final selection to be based on on-campus interviews with at least three candidates. If the committee wishes to bring in more than three candidates, the committee chair should meet with me to discuss the necessity of this. On-campus interviews should allow interaction of candidates broadly within the college and throughout the university community (suggested list attached). Once the interviews have been conducted, the committee or committee chair should meet with me to share the committee’s findings regarding each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses relative to the criteria for selection/job description.


Ø      Clerical assistance for this search will be provided by Karyn Cecele in the Provost’s Office. The support person will work with chair to create applicant files for committee review and will maintain the files; will have keys to room and file cabinet for members to pick and return to her; will produce correspondence for committee with applicants, candidates; can arrange interview schedule if chair does not wish to handle it. The support person will NOT be at committee meetings or take minutes and will not be responsible for open meetings postings.


Ø      I suggest the committee consider the following procedure to narrow the field of candidates:


-         Conduct a paper review of materials submitted including a letter of application, curriculum vitae, FAX number, and names, addresses and telephone numbers of five references. I do NOT recommend that the initial materials submitted include some kind of written piece as I think it limits the number of people willing to apply.

-         Narrow the field to a number of qualified candidates (based on the initial paper review) and conduct telephone interviews. I suggest each telephone interview be conducted by at least two people and that the telephone interview be used even if a candidate might be able to be interviewed face-to-face. There should be a standard set of questions for the telephone interview although follow-up and additional questions may certainly be used. At the time of the telephone interview, ask if the candidate is comfortable with reference checks beyond those s/he supplied.

-         Conduct reference checks using the references approved by the candidate. It is my recommendation that “off the list” reference calls be made for those candidates being considered for on-campus interview and that the candidate give permission for “off the list” calls before they are made. An easy way to do this is to seek permission for “off the list” calls during the initial telephone interview with candidates.



-         See draft of advertising text provided.



-         Cary Heyer, Director of University Relations, will assist with advertising.

-         Karyn Cecele has identified an account number for advertising.



-         See attached suggested timeline and advertising deadlines.



-         Refer to for recruitment processes and materials.

-         The Provost’s Office has already completed and submitted the “L-1347 - Authorization to Recruit Academic Staff/Admin. Position” form for this position. You do not need to include it in your recruitment packet.

-         The recruitment number for this search is 06/PVC/02.


Groups with Whom the SAH Dean Candidates Should Meet:


-         Search Committee – at opening and close of interview

-         Chancellor (30 minutes)

-         Provost/Vice Chancellor – evening meal, luncheon or breakfast are acceptable

-         Likely department for tenure

-         Department Chairs

-         Dean’s office staff

-         Associate Deans

-         University Community/Governance Groups/Students – open meeting(s)

-         Human Resources re benefits

-         Provost’s Council

-         Meeting with students

-         Controller re budget


I am available to meet with the chair of the committee on a regular basis and expect a regular update from the chair on the progress of the committee. I am also willing to meet with the committee whenever it wishes and my schedule can accommodate.