Faculty Senate


November 2, 2006                                                                                                                                                                               323 Graff Main Hall

Vol. 41, No. 5                                                                                                                                                                                      3:30 p.m.


I.       Roll Call.

      Present:  Abler, Ahmed, Brokaw, Choy, Cravins, Crutchfield, L. Dickmeyer, S. Grunwald, Hunt, M. Jackson, S. Kelly, Knox, S. Krajewski, C. Miller, P. Miller, Olson, Senger, Shanks, S. Smith, Straker, C. Wilson

      Excused: Clow, Galbraith, K. Hoar


II.     Approval of Minutes.   

The minutes from October 12, 2006 were approved as distributed.


III.  Reports.

A.     Chair’s Report

Chancellor Search:  President Reilly and the Regent Special Committee interviewed all four candidates on Wednesday, November 1st, and if all went well, President Reilly will make an offer Wednesday evening.  As soon as they have finished negotiations they will announce their recommendation.  The recommendation will need to be formally approved by the full Board at the meeting the following week. 


Administrative office assessment:  Senate charged an Ad Hoc committee with the task of evaluation administrative offices about 4 years ago.  The committee focused on evaluation of dean’s offices at the time.  They made the recommendation that no special committee be created to run such evaluations, but rather that the senate (or the SEC) conduct evaluations.  They also recommended that people who interact with specific offices be asked to evaluate those offices.  The SEC has been discussing a process to evaluate administrative offices in which faculty and staff will be asked to answer some open ended, qualitative, questions about offices with which they have contact.  Then, in consultation with the various offices, a closed ended, quantitative measure based on comments received will be created.  The open ended questions should be out to faculty and staff by the end of this semester.


Scheduling changes:  The meeting on November 16 will be cancelled.  The agenda items for that meeting have all been moved to other dates.  Also, the General Education Committee will not be presenting a report on November 30.  They will be setting a timeline to allow for maximum campus input on proposed changes to the program soon.


Distinguished Lecturer November 1 and 2:  A 2001 Nobel Prize recipient in physics, Wolfgang Ketterle, will give a public lecture, "Bose-Einstein Condensates-The Coldest Matter in the Universe" at 5 p.m. today at Cleary Alumni & Friends Center. He will give the Physics Colloquium lecture, "New Forms of Quantum Matter Near Absolute Zero Temperature" at 3:20 p.m. Friday, in 100 Cowley Hall.  Dr. Ketterle is the John D. MacArthur Professor of Physics at MIT where he leads a research group exploring the properties of ultracold gases.


IV. Articles & Bylaws

Keith Sherony, chair of the Articles and Bylaws committee, presented changes to:

A.     Instructional Academic Staff Committee bylaws – These have been modeled after the faculty PTS committee and the IAS Committee has provided input in the development of these committee bylaws. 

B.     Start date for new chairs.

C.     Change in UCC and General Education bylaws - This was a recommendation from UCC and agreed on by the Gen Ed committee that will allow the General Education Committee to review waiver requests in the general education program.

D.     Addition of a representative from the Provost’s office as a consultant to the Faculty Development Committee.


No recommendations for changes were made in this first reading.


*See posted document for specific changes.


V.                 International Education:  Evaluation of Program Guidelines.  Tim McAndrews, chair of the International Education Committee, presented a report explaining a newly developed supplemental checklist entitled "Step-by-Step Guidelines for Preparing New Study-Abroad Programs" to accompany the "Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs".  This supplemental document provides a step-by-step checklist along with a schedule of completion for each step.  It also includes links to important websites pertinent to preparing a study-abroad program.  These guidelines have been posted on the IEC website.  The committee report also explained a few revisions made to the current “Guidelines for International Study Tour Programs” and future goals of the committee. 


General comments from faculty senate were very favorable regarding the supplemental guidelines and the changes to the guidelines. 


General questions then focused on the connection between the International Education Committee and the Office of International Education.  There was general agreement that there is a disconnect between the committee and this office.  Comments focused on the need for faculty review of international programs since they are credit generating.  Consensus was that the Senate Executive Committee will need to discuss the issue of how international programs are evaluated.


Other comments focused on the curriculum offered in the study tours.  A suggestion was made for guidelines to be developed for curriculum oversight in these programs.  This should be done with communication between the International Education Committee and UCC.


M/S/P to accept and post the presented report from the International Education Committee. 


VI.   Approval of Nominees for SAH Associate Dean’s Search & Screen Committee.

Patricia Ardovino, Recreation Management/Therapeutic Recreation

Tom Gendreau, Computer Science

Mike Jackson, Physics

Peg Maher, Biology

Kristine Saeger, Health Professions


M/S/P to approve the presented names for the SAH Associate Dean’s Search & Screen Committee. 


IX.  Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 4:13 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Grunwald, Secretary