Faculty Senate

Meeting of November 30, 2006

3:30 p.m. – 325 Graff Main Hall


I.                     Roll Call.


II.                  Approval of Minutes:  November 2


III.                Reports.

A.     Chair’s Report

B.     Interim Chancellor Report

C.     Provost Report

D.     Faculty Representative’s Report

E.      Student Association Representative’s Report


IV.               CAPS report*


V.                  Graduate Council*:  Approval of 5-year BS/MSE proposal


VI.               Articles and Bylaws*:  Second reading

A.     Instructional Academic Staff Committee bylaws

B.     Start date for new chairs

C.     Change in UCC and General Education bylaws to allow the General Education Committee to review waiver requests in the general education program

D.     Add a representative from the Provost’s office as a consultant to the Faculty Development Committee


VII.             Approval of academic calendar*


VIII.          Old Business.


IX.                New Business.

A.  UCC Approved – Nutrition Minor

B.  Approval of List of Fall 2006 Graduates


X.                  Adjournment.


* please see posted report