Faculty Senate


February 15, 2007                                                                                                                                                             325 Graff Main Hall

Vol. 41, No. 8                                                                                                                                                                    3:30 p.m.


I.       Roll Call.

      Present:  Abler, Ahmed, Brokaw, Clow, Cravins, Crutchfield, L. Dickmeyer, S. Grunwald, K. Hoar, Hunt, S. Kelly, Knox, S. Krajewski, C. Miller, P. Miller, Olson, Senger, Shanks, S. Smith, C. Wilson

Excused:  Choy, Galbraith, M. Jackson, Straker


II.  Approval of Minutes.   

The minutes from February, 1 2007 were approved as distributed.


III.  Reports.

A.  Chair’s Report

Congratulations to Provost Hitch :  Wilson congratulated Provost Hitch on her position as Vice President at Utah Valley State College starting July 1st. 


Welcome Reception for Chancellor Gow:   The Foundation is hosting a welcome reception/open house for Chancellor Gow and his wife, Betsy Valentine, on March 2 from 4:00 to 5:30 in the Great Hall of the Cleary Center.  Wilson encouraged all to take a minute to stop by and welcome the Chancellor and Betsy.


Legislators to visit campus:  Monday, Feb. 19th, 1:00 p.m., Ward Room, Cartwright Center.  Speaker of the Assembly Mike Huebsch, Rep. Jennifer Shilling, Rep. Lee Nerison and State Senator Dan Kapanke will take questions about legislative actions that will or might affect UW-L.  Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to attend.  This event is sponsored by the Joint Legislative/Regents Affairs Committee.


Senate Nomination forms:  Wilson was pleased to report that several people have returned nomination forms to the senate office.  Forms are due Friday, February 16th.


Committee Assignment Forms: These are due on March 9th


B.  Chancellor’s Report – Chancellor Gow also congratulated Provost Hitch on her new position and acknowledged that she has been very helpful to him in his new position.  Gow reported that he attended the Governor’s budget address with a UW-L student and her parents.  The UW-L student was used in the governor’s address to highlight the UW System.  Gow is meeting a lot of legislators and working on talking about Growth and Access.  He reported that at the last UW System Regents meeting the holistic admissions guidelines were approved unanimously.  At that meeting Wilson reported to the regents on the NCA review team’s three areas of concern: diversity, assessment and general education.  UW System requested a follow up report in one year addressing each of these issues. 


C.  Faculty Representative Report – Senator Cravins updated that sick leave accrual by legislators and elected officials is currently being looked at and this may impact the university in the future.  The faculty reps have encouraged President Reilly to consult more with them when important decisions are being made.  There is hope that some official or unofficial policy will be put into place for such a consultation when major policies are being discussed 


D.  Student Association Representative’s Report – Student association liaison, Jake Rome, updated senate on important student senate issues.  The main topic currently is the proposed public intoxication ordinance and how that could affect students.  There is some worry that students will be targeted. 


IV. Growth and Access Discussion.   

The following motion, approved by SEC, was presented to faculty senate. 


“The UW-L faculty senate supports the continued development of UW-L’s Growth and Access plan based on the strengths, concerns, and questions identified at the discussions during the open forum on February 2, 2007.  Faculty senate requests a more detailed plan, including timelines for planning and implementation, prior to granting formal approval.”


Interim Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance Colclough, Chancellor Gow and Provost Hitch were present to address questions.  Discussion on this issue included the question as to if any of the concerns brought up at the open forum on February 2nd have been responded to.  Thus far not yet, but administrators are open to advice on how these concerns could be addressed.  The timeline is also being updated.  Within the next month there will be work with the Joint Planning and Budget committee and more specific details will be worked out.  There will be a framework put together that will address when does UWL start hiring faculty, when to bring in students and how to address specific targets in the plan.  Also it is not known how the legislature will change the plan.  Gow noted that the infrastructure concern is duly noted.  It was also noted that if Growth and Access does not go through tuition must get to the appropriate level or we will constantly face financial challenges. 


There was then discussion as to the benefits of passing this motion, which included having legislators see our support for this plan.  It was noted that the faculty support for this plan was mixed at the forum.  It was further noted that this motion does not necessarily state support of the Growth and Access plan, but supports continued development of the plan. 


M/S/P to approve the presented resolution. 


V.    General Education Update. Eric Kraemer, committee chair, and Emily Johnson, director, along with other committee members, presented an update on the committee’s process this year.  In fall the committee spent much time hearing input from throughout campus regarding particular proposed changes to the program structure.  Subcommittees were set up to look at different parts of the structure proposal.   Items that were distributed to faculty senate included 1) various motions that have been made regarding the program structure 2) a document that compared the current elements of the Gen Ed program with those presented in spring 2006 and fall 2006 plans and those that are under discussion currently and 3) a report and recommendations from UC III (Tier III) subcommittee – Making Connections.  It is anticipated that by the end of March and early part of April a proposal will be brought forth and will be presented to departments.  Currently the committee is divided with some members concerned about making new changes and others concerned with having a systematic assessment before changes are made.  Provost Hitch is meeting with committee members about the process. 


The student general education committee representative shared that he recently discussed some of the proposal program structural changes at a student association meeting at which student expressed support for the FYE, global perspective and civic engagement elements.  It was also expressed by a current committee member that there has been some feedback from college committees to stop changes and now work on assessment.  However, it was stated that the committee seems close to reaching a consensus.  There was discussion on the resource issues of changes to the structure. 


It was noted that the other subcommittees are FYE and global perspectives.  Furthermore it was noted that the Wisconsin legislature has been looking at designing a general education program on each campus.  The UW System Board is interested in General Education programs on all campuses.


VI.   Student Association Motion – Bjorn Bergman, co-chair of the Environmental Council and member of the Student Association, presented the Talloires Declaration to faculty senate. 


The following motion, approved by SEC, was presented to faculty senate. 

“The faculty senate encourages Chancellor Joe Gow to sign the Talloires Declaration so that UW-L will become a more environmentally literate and sustainable university.”


Student Senate has passed a similar resolution and RHAC will be looking into this also.  It was noted that Chancellor Gow would like UWL to be involved in this if it he is going to be sign this document. The ten points of the declaration include: 


1. Increase Awareness of Environmentally Sustainable Development

2. Create an Institutional Culture of Sustainability

3. Educate for Environmentally Responsible Citizenship

4. Foster Environmental Literacy For All

5. Practice Institutional Ecology

6. Involve All Stakeholders

7. Collaborate for Interdisciplinary Approaches

8. Enhance Capacity of Primary and Secondary School

9. Broaden Service and Outreach Nationally and Internationally

10. Maintain the Movement

Many of these items are the purview of the faculty and faculty will be responsible for undertaking these items.  It was decided that senate would like input from people who would be involved in these items and discuss this issue more with faculty before a vote. 


M/S/P to postpone the vote on this motion until the next faculty senate meeting. 


X.   Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 4:55 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Grunwald, Secretary