GEC Assessment Time Table

(  NOTE:  After an assessment plan is complete, these details  and information about a cyclical  program of assessment will be more definitive.)

Planning Phase I

March 28, 2007 @ 1:00

GEC Assessment Sub Committee Meets

April 2, 2007 @ 3:30

GEC Meets to Modify/Approve Time Table or send back to subcommittee

April 9, 2007 - Deadline

GEC approve timetable. Deliver Assessment Time Table to Faculty Senate

April 12, 2007

Faculty Senate Modifies/Approves Assessment Time Table

April 16, 2007

GEC Reviews Faculty Senate Action on Time Table



Planning Phase II

Spring Semester 2007

1.      GEC requests Faculty Senate submit a budget request to appropriate parties to support required and necessary assessment efforts.  The level of budget commitment will determine the scope and frequency the GEC will be able to perform assessment activities and support faculty in their assessment activities.

2.      GEC requests a select group of departments (e.g., some of those in Core I) for course review information. Review will include identification of outcomes, learning activities related to outcomes, and embedded assessment plans. These departments will engage in embedded assessment during academic year 2007-2008. Reports and review of courses to take place spring 2008.

3.      GEC asks selected Writing-in-the-Major programs for reports--to be submitted beginning of spring semester 2008.

4.      GEC subcommittee identifies a proprietary assessment tool to use in academic year 2007-2008 (Tool or topic 1). Seeks appropriate funding. Recommendation from subcommittee is Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)[1].

5.      GEC plan faculty development opportunities for summer and fall on using embedded assessment in courses (include information on using outcomes and learning activities for guiding assessment).

Summer 2007

and  Fall 2007


Summer and Fall 2007 (cont).



1.      Write comprehensive assessment plan, working with those responsible for NCA assessment progress report.

2.      Identify classes/students for wave 1 assessment.

3.      Write BoR Progress Report, including progress on program revisions and assessment plan.

4.      Provide workshops or other faculty development on embedded assessment.

5.      Notify departments that are in mid-APR cycle that an embedded assessment plan will be due to GEC by April 2008.

Fall 2007

1.      Collect assessment data using CLA or other assessment tool.

2.      Selected departments are using embedded assessment in classes.

3.      Complete BoR report.  Include Preliminary Data from Assessment Topic Area (1) if possible.

4.      Complete comprehensive assessment plan.  Plan will include the cycle of programmatic assessment (using standardized and/or home grown instruments), cycle for systematic course review that includes embedded assessment reports, cycle of APR reports that include General Education assessment information, reports from Writing in the Major Programs and from Writing Emphasis instructors. Indirect assessment through surveys and focus groups with students and faculty/staff will also be identified.

5.      Continue with workshops on assessment.

December 2007

Deliver Assessment Plan/Progress Report to BOR

January 2008 - Deadline

BOR to Receive UW-L’s Assessment Plan/Progress Report

Spring 2008

1.      Complete assessment using CLA or other measure.  Complete analysis of results (company does analysis and send us the report).

2.      GEC receive reports from selected departments and selected WIM programs and “mid-cycle APR departments” provide assessment plans.

3.      GEC or subcommittee decide on Wave 2 assessment (topic and instruments)

4.      Second group of departments prepare for course reviews and embedded assessment. Contact “mid-cycle APR programs” regarding General Education assessment. Contact second set of WIM programs for assessment reports due to GEC in spring 2009.

5.      Begin writing report for NCA on progress in program revisions and with assessment.

Summer 2008

1.      Review reports from departments (embedded assessment and WIMP). Provide feedback to departments.

2.      Review results from CLA.  Provide feedback to GEC and university.

3.      Write report on all assessment activities and findings, to include recommendations for possible program revisions and/or further assessment.

4.      Prepare for Wave 2 assessment (instrument and implementation strategies).

5.      Continue workshops or other faculty development opportunities related to assessment.

6.      Complete draft of NCA report for first read by GEC, and Provost and others.


Fall 2008

1.      Complete NCA report on General Education after receiving feedback on draft.

2.      Begin wave 2 (topic 2) assessment.

3.      Work with departments who will be going through course review and reporting on embedded assessment results.

4.      Possibly additional faculty development opportunities related to assessment.

5.      Submit NCA report.


Spring 2009

1.      Complete wave 2 assessment and begin analysis.

2.      Receive reports from departments (course reviews, embedded assessment, WIMP reports, etc.).

3.      Notify next group of departments/programs entering mid-cycle APR about assessment plans.

4.      Select Wave 3 program assessment topic/instruments.

Assessment Cycle 1 (Assumes Sufficient Budget Support) (Overlaps Planning Phase II):

Spring Semester 2007

Determine Assessment Topic Area (1)

Summer 2007

Obtain Assessment Tool for Topic Area (1).Write BoR report.

Fall Semester 2007

Collect Assessment Data for Topic Area(1)

Spring Semester 2008

Begin Analysis of Assessment Data   

Summer & Fall Semester 2008

Write Assessment Report for NCA & UWL.

Fall Semester 2008

GEC Reviews Cycle 1 Report to Guide Program Decisions

December 2008

Deliver Assessment Report to NCA

January 1, 2009 - Deadline

NCA to Receive UWL’s Assessment Plan/Progress Report.

Include Preliminary Data from Assessment Cycle 1  



Assessment Cycle 2: (Assumes Sufficient Budget Support) (Overlaps Cycle 1)

Spring Semester 2008

Determine Assessment Topic Area (2)

Summer 2008

Obtain Assessment Tool for Topic Area (2) & develop implementation strategies.

Complete NCA report.

Fall 2008 & Spring Semester 2009

Collect Assessment Data for Topic Area (2).  Departments continue with embedded assessment and course reviews.

Summer 2009

Analyze Assessment Data

Summer & Fall Semester 2009

Write Assessment Report.   Review reports from departments.

Fall Semester 2009

GEC Reviews Cycle 1, & 2 Reports to Guide Program Decisions





[1] Designed to be given to freshmen and seniors to assess value-added growth in student achievement.  Scores reflect critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and written communication skills; are questions are open-ended, rather than multiple choice.  Students respond to relatively complex tasks set in the context of the sciences, social sciences, and the arts and humanities, such as analyzing an interview transcript or newspaper article.  Students write essays in which they sate and defend a position (Benjamin & Chun, 2003, in Allen, M. J. 2006).