Faculty Senate


April 26, 2007                                                                                                                                                                      325 Graff Main Hall

Vol. 41, No. 14                                                                                                                                                                    3:30 p.m.


I.       Roll Call.

Present:  Abler, Ahmed, Brokaw, Clow, Cravins, Crutchfield, L. Dickmeyer, S. Grunwald, K. Hoar, Hunt, M. Jackson, S. Kelly, Knox, S. Krajewski, C. Miller, P. Miller, Senger, Shanks, S. Smith, Straker, C. Wilson

Excused: Choy, Galbraith, Olson

Absent: Ahmed


II.  Approval of Minutes.   

The minutes from April 12, 2007 and April 19, 2007 were approved as distributed.


III.  Reports.


A.  Chair’s Report – Wilson updated senate on the Wisconsin Covenant proposed by Governor Doyle.  With this 8th grade students sign a promise that they will graduate from a WI HS, maintain a B average in HS, take college prep courses, demonstrate good citizenship, apply for financial aid in a timely manner, apply and do all that is necessary to gain admission to a UW System institution, WI Technical college, and/or WI private college or university.  In return students can expect support from the WI Covenant Community, recognition as a WI Covenant Scholar, a place in a UW System institution, Wisconsin Technical college or WI private college or university, a financial aid package based on the student’s family’s federally-defined financial need.  According to a memo to the chancellors from Al Crist, covenant activities that the UW System will be involved in are varied and include promotional activities, connecting students to pre-college activities, additional advising to high school students who signed the pledge, and assisting high school seniors with financial aid applications.  UW-L has been asked to identify a contact person on campus – our person is Kathy Kieffer.


The Senate Executive Committee has met with Jennifer Wilson to discuss the criminal background check process specifically how this will affect making hiring offers, the paperwork involved, and the length of time the process will take.  SEC has also discussed AP credits towards graduation and the recent student association repeal of automatic segregated fee waivers. 


IV.  Approval of the List of Spring and Summer 2007 Graduates

 M/S/P to approve the list of Spring and Summer 2007 Graduates.


V.   Academic Program Review Reports

A.     Music -

Haixia Lan and Walter Elder, APR committee members, presented the Music Dept APR report.  They highlighted that the department contains competent faculty members whose work is visible on campus.  Graduates of the program have a high placement rate.  Areas of improvement/needs are the communication process between this program and the School of Education.  There is a great need of a concert hall and a need to mentor and support junior faculty members better. 


APR Recommendations:


  1. The Department and the School of Education should continue to address issues related to advising, admissions of, and credit policies regarding music education students.  We see this as very beneficial to the long-term health of the Department.


  1. The Department needs to explore ways to further engage in fund raising so as to collaborate with the College of Liberal Studies and the School of Arts and Communication to make a new concert hall a priority.


  1. The Department needs to foster better recruiting methods that can attract full-time or high profile instructors as private teachers for specialty instruments in order to request an increase in the adjunct budget.


  1. The Department needs to improve mentoring and support of junior faculty.


  1. The Department of Music should undergo its next Academic Program Review in seven years.


Questions from senate included the following.  Since there is a large number of credits needed to graduate in music education, how long till graduation or how many credits are needed.  175-180 credits to graduate and 11 semesters to graduate in music education with the average at UWL being 9 semesters.  Is there work to reduce this load? 


M/S/P to accept the academic program review of the music department.



B. Chemistry –

Georges Cravins, APR committee member presented the Chemistry department APR report, and Aaron Monte, chemistry department chair, responded.  Highlighted were the strengths of the programs in the department including the minor and majors and also the faculty that are highly committed to teaching and research.  The needs include additional faculty and lab space.  It was highlighted that in 2000 21% of the freshmen at UWL took CHM 103 compared to now 37% in 2006.  This can be attributed to the popularity of the allied health fields and other science programs. 


Comments from the senate included a need for administration to address these needs for additional faculty, additional lab space, repair of existing facilities, etc…. 


APR report programmatic recommendations:


·    The development of a 3-5 year strategic plan which will outline a clear vision and departmental mission;

·    The institution of a thorough curriculum review, with a view toward modernization of approaches to the delivery of instruction through classroom teaching and laboratory exercises;

·    Increase efforts to place chemistry and biochemistry graduates in medical school programs;

·    Increase involvement by faculty in professional associations, including greater involvement by Chemistry faculty in professional meetings and conferences;

·    The development of a systematic plan to increase grants-writing and to secure external grants.


APR report logistical needs of the Department: 

·    Both the Department and the outside reviewers suggest the need for higher levels of start-up funding for new hires.

·    Faculty engaged in research need additional research space.

·    The Department needs major investment in its labs, many of which are in disrepair, and need modernization and upgrading.

·    The Department needs systematic support by the University to help it promote grants-writing among both its research and teaching faculty.         

·    Evidence suggests that the annual operating budget for the Department of Chemistry is substantially less than for comparable chemistry departments in the U.S. as a whole. The APR recommends consideration of a significant increase in the Department of Chemistry’s annual operating budget. (Note: According to evidence presented by the Department as well as by the outside reviewers, the operating budget of the UW La Crosse Chemistry Department is substantially below comparable departments around the country. This issue needs to be addressed by the UW-L administration in cooperation with the Department.)    


M/S to accept the report with the addition of the following amended bullet:  Chemistry department needs an additional 3-4 FTE to meet parity with peer institutions and other academic departments on campus.


Discussion included that there is need for additional support in the program; however, changes to the report should not be made after the APR committee has approved it.


Motion failed.


M/S/P to accept the academic program review of the chemistry department as presented. 



VI.   Committee on Faculty Committee Recommendations – see posted report

Sandy Grunwald, chair of the committee on faculty committees, presented the list of committee assignments for 2007-2008 along with a report.


There were concerns stated from senate that a few committee members who had terms remaining and who had requested that committee again were not placed back on that committee.  It was stated that this was due to either that person serving on two main committees and thus taken off of one, a report from the chair of that member not contributing, or an unbalance in committee representation.  Some senators expressed the need to keep experience and continuity on committees.  Also stated was a concern from campus that a 7 member committee would have 3 members from one department serving on it. 


M/S/F to send the Joint Planning and Budget Committee membership recommendations back to the Committee on Faculty Committees to review.  Further, the Committee on Faculty Committees is asked to maintain continuity and keep all continuing members on the Joint Planning and Budget Committee unless the Chair of the Joint Planning and Budget Committee had serious concerns about any of the committee members.


Motion failed.  8-9-0


M/S that the faculty senate send the entire report back to COC to ensure all continuing members remain on the committees to which they were members. 


Discussion – This would entail all continuing members get reassigned which could increase the number of people not getting committee assignments.  It was stated that the policies need to be relooked at on how people are put on committees.  The bylaw for the committee was also looked at which states “The committee shall maintain consecutive service on committees by giving priority to former members who have completed one or more years of satisfactory service, and by appointing one-third new members, so far as possible.”  This could be interpreted loosely. 


Motion failed. 6-8


M/S/P to have the COC reconsider the report to give priority to continuing members whenever possible. 



VII. Proposed Change in Bylaw for International Education Committee – 1st reading

See posted document.  No discussion.



VIII.   Adjournment.

The meeting adjourned at 5:44 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Sandy Grunwald, Secretary