April 17, 2007


Dear Colleagues:


The Committee on Faculty Committees (COC) has concluded its work for the current academic year and presents this list of committee assignments for the approval of the Faculty Senate.  We would like to thank the faculty for their willingness to serve on the various committees.  We had a total of 216 requests, which is 8 more than last year.  Of those faculty and IAS from each college who are eligible to serve on a faculty senate committee, 32% of CBA, 49% of CLS and 53% of SAH members submitted a request for a committee assignment.  We were able to fill the majority of the committees, leaving only two student committees with one opening each.  Most of the committees also have a list of alternates.  One important change from previous years is that the Articles and Bylaws Committee assignments will be made by the senate executive committee as stated in the revised Faculty Senate Bylaws. 


As we made assignments, the COC was mindful of three primary issues:  continuity, work-load, and requests.  First, the COC strove to maintain continuity on committees whenever possible.  Individuals who requested a committee of which they were a current member were reassigned to that committee as much as possible.   Second, the COC worked to assign each individual to only one committee.  In some instances we did assign an individual to more than one committee.  Without exception, multiple assignments were a result of the individual volunteering for committees that had few volunteers.  Third, the COC endeavored to place every person who volunteered to serve on a committee.  All those who requested at least three committee preferences received an assignment.  Eight faculty members, however, who listed only one or two committee preferences, were not placed, since some committees had many more volunteers than vacancies.  If an individual happened to request two highly requested committees, there was often no way we could accommodate them.  We did include such individual’s names as alternates on the requested committees.  Finally, we were very mindful to balance committee membership by college representation, specific discipline, gender, and ethnicity (not necessarily in that order).


Shortly after the faculty received the application for committee assignments, several email reminders were sent to faculty members reminding them about the procedure.  Faculty were encouraged to volunteer for at least three committees to maximize their chances of being assigned to a committee.  Many faculty responded to this request which allowed the COC the flexibility needed to assure assignments to as many people as possible. 


Additionally, before beginning our deliberations, we asked committee chairs if any current members exhibited problems in their performance that might warrant removal from the committee for the coming year.  Two committee chairs did express such a concern and thus this information was taken very seriously in making assignments.  Fortunately though, the most common request made by committee chairs was to maintain as much continuity of committee members as possible. 


In sum, we have tried to be as fair and impartial as we could in making these committee assignments, while also being attentive to our responsibility to create strong and effective committees and accommodate as many people’s preferences as possible. 


Respectfully submitted,


Sandra Grunwald, Ph.D.

Chair, Committee on Faculty Committees



Stephen Brokaw

Kerrie Hoar

Joyce Shanks

Carmen Wilson





2007-2008 Faculty Committee Assignments



Academic Planning


Members                                                          Alternates


3-year terms

Curt Czerwinski                                                Thomas Gendreau

Jennifer Miskowski                                         

Dean Wilder


2-year continuing terms

Michael Jackson

Glenn Knowles

Joe Tiffany


1-year continuing term

Ronald Glass

Emily Johnson

Sandra Krajewski


Convener:  Michael Jackson



Academic Policies & Standards (CAPS)


Members                                                          Alternates


Melanie Cary                                                    1. Jeffrey Boyle

Darlene Lake                                                    2. Jocelyn Shadforth

Charles Lee                                                      3. Jess Hollenback

Rebecca LeDocq

Rick Gillis

Roger Haro

Thomas Gendreau

Joyce Shanks

Susan Crutchfield


Convener:  Rebecca LeDocq




Academic Program Review Committee


Victoria Calmes                                                                        Alternates

Walter Elder                                                                             Tracie Blumentritt

Sandra Grunwald                                                                      Cynthia Berlin

Jamie Schneider                                                                        Heather Mortell

Jocelyn Shadforth                                                                     Michael Current

Mike Hoffman                                                                          Georges Cravins

Omar Rivera    

John Ready

Christopher Frye


Convener: Michael Hoffman



Budget Review Committee


Kenneth Winter

Kimberly Vogt

Jodie Rindt

William Clow

Gwyneth Straker

Steven Senger

Vice-Chair, Faculty Senate



Complaints Grievances Appeals & Academic Freedom Committee (CGAAF)


Three-Year Terms                                            Alternates


Wahhab Khandker                                            Paul Miller

Terry Beck                                                        Michael Haupert

Jeffrey Boyle


Two-Year Continuing Terms


John Betton                                                       Gregory Balfany

Bruce Osterby                                                   Rick Gillis

Mary Tollefson


One-Year Continuing Terms


Tracie Blumentritt                                             Dennis Fater

Todd Will                                                        Mark Headington

Keith Sherony


Convener:  Tracie Blumentritt                                          




Faculty Development Committee                                                                                                                


Rebecca Battista                                               Meredith Thomsen

Mary Tollefson                                                 Scott Dickmeyer

Jeff Bryan                                                         Todd Will

Jenifer Holman

Sharon Scherwitz

John Colton

Aric Opdahl

Karl Katchee

Arne Sippola


Convener:  Rebecca Battista                                              




General Education Committee                                             


Eric Kraemer                                                                             Susan Crutchfield

John Fields                                                                                 Harunur Rasid

Adrienne Loh                                                                             Thomas Gendreau

Anne Galbraith                                                                           Stephen McDougal

Thomas Pribek                                                                           Rafique Ahmed

Cris Prucha                                                                                Steven Senger

Robert Ragan                                                                             David Riley

Michael Current                                                                          Georges Cravins

Donald Sloan                                                                              Kenny Hunt




Graduate Council


Robert Dixon                                                                            Betty DeBoer

Ashley Burrowes                                                                      Thomas Krueger

Kasilingham Periyasamy                                                            Abdul Elfessi

Michelle Thorman                                                                     Robert Krajewski

Jonathan Majak

Gary Gilmore

Thomas Kuffel

S. N. Rajagopal

William Schwan

Director, University Graduate Studies

Chair, Graduate Curriculum Committee




Graduate Curriculum Committee


Mark Malisa                                                                             Jodie Rindt

Ahmed Ali                                                                                Jeff Steffen

Thomas Krueger                                                                       David Riley

Kenny Hunt                                                                              Thomas Kuffel

Thomas Greiner                                               

Glenn Wright

David Reineke

Karen Skemp-Alt

Christina Hupy


Convener: David Reineke





Hearing Committee


Three- Year Terms                   1st Alternate                    2nd Alternate

Jeffrey Boyle                             Anne Galbraith               Stephen Brokaw

Wahhab Khandker                    Paul Miller

Carol Oyster                             SN Rajagopal                    


Two-Year Continuing Terms

Joseph Anderson                       Rick Gillis                     Sarah Shillinger           

Georges Cravins                        Michael Haupert

Paul Keaton                              John Ready


One-Year Continuing Terms

Peg Maher                                Sandra Grunwald            John Betton

Joyce Shanks                            Carmen Wilson               Bart VanVoorhis   

Karen Terpstra                          Robert Hoar


Convener:  Peg Maher




Instructional Academic Staff Committee     


Barbara Gander                                                                       Kay Dailey

Peggy Denton                                                                          Sheila Perkins

Michael Durnin                                                                        Janet Weir

Kerrie Hoar

Sandra Koster

Donald Socha

Suzanne Anglehart

Glenn Knowles

Elise Denlinger


Convener:  Kerrie Hoar




International Education Committee             


James Gray                                                                               Haxia Lan

Deborah Buffton                                                                       Donald Kuderer

Mehmet Aritan                                                                          David Waters

Kay Dailey                                                                               SN Rajagopal

Rafique Ahmed                                                                         Sarah Shillinger

Roger Grant                            

Richard Rodrick

David Hart

Jeff Steffen


Convener: Rafique Ahmed                                                                        




Library Committee


Daniel Gerber                                                                          Bob Jecklin     

William Barillas                                                                        Carla Graham

Chia-Chen Yu                                                                         Timothy Thornton

Donald LaCoss                                                                        Edward Malone

William Ross                                                                            Mariana Candido

Linda Dickmeyer

Barbara Beenie

Shauna Sallmen

Library Department Chair


Convener: Chia-Chen Yu




Promotion Tenure & Salary Committee (PTS)


Joseph Anderson                                             Alternates

Emila Delgado                                                  Paul Miller

Scott Cooper                                                   Ronald Stoffregen

Mark Headington                                             Jean Hindson

Matthew Cashion

Soojin Ritterling

Gregory Wegner

Dennis Fater

David Koster


Convener: Joseph Anderson                                            




Research & Grants Committee



Leslie Poulton                                                               Tracie Blumentritt

Jeanne Danneker                                                          Karen Terpstra

Edward Malone                                                            Todd Will

Patricia Ardovino

Timothy McAndrews

Jeffrey Baggett

Bart VanVoorhis

Michael Haupert

David Howard                                              


Convener: Bart VanVoorhis




Scholarships and Awards Committee


Gwen Achenreiner                                            Bradley Butterfield

Jon Hasenbank                                                 Sherwin Toribio

Al Gedicks                                                       Tammy Fisher

Heather Mortell

Janet Kirsch

Greg Balfany

Kathryn Majewski

Mary Anderson

Jess Hollenbeck


Convener: Mary Anderson



Teacher Education Governing Council



Eric Brunsell

Betty DeBoer

Virginia Crank


Two-Year Continuing Terms

Gubbi Sudhakaran

James Batesky

Marcie Wycoff-Horn


One-Year Continuing Terms

Jennifer Kosiak

Manny Felix

Jean Hindson


Convener:  Director of the School of Education




Undergraduate Curriculum Committee



Barbara Rusterholz                                                       Eric Brunsell    

Stephen McDougal                                                       Emily Johnson               

Margarita Olivas                                                           Donald Sloan

Mark Chavalas                                                             Rafique Ahmed

Keith Beyer                                                                  Jennifer Kosiak

Cynthia Berlin                                                               Donald Socha

Richard Sullivan                                                            Mark Malisa

Kristofer Rolfhus                                                          Michael Current

Mao Zheng


Convener: Stephen McDougal               



Undergraduate Research Committee


Three-Year Terms                                                                    Alternates

 Beth Cherne                                                                            John Betton

Gretchen Berns

Tim Gongaware


Two-Year Continuing Terms

James Peirce

Keely Rees

Seung-Ryul Shin


One-Year Continuing Terms

Ashley Burrowes

Jon Davies

Barbara Eide


Convener: Ashley Burrowes




Joint Information Technology


Gary Konas                                                                              Jean Janecki

William Wehrs                                                                          Todd Will

KH Brian Yang                                                                        Virginia Gronwaldt

Bruce Osterby

David Riley


Convener: Bruce Osterby




Joint Legislative/Regents


Bob Jecklin

Mark Gibson                                                                           

Thomas Krueger





Joint Minority Affairs Committee


Michael Abler                                                                           Patrick DiRocco

Jearold Holland                                                                         Virginia Gronwaldt

Sharon Jessee                                                                           Ronda Knox

Sheryl Ross

Satoshi Toyosaki

John Jax

Bryan Kopp


Convener: Sharon Jessee





Joint Physical Facilities Committee


Tammy Fisher                                                                           Chia-Chen Yu

Ronald Stoffregen                                                                     Charlene Holler

Sherwin Toribio                                                                        Michael Current

Sandra Koster

Michael Durnin


Convener: Ronald Stoffregen




Joint Planning & Budget


Vice-Chair, Faculty Senate                                                       Aaron Monte

Steven Senger                                                                          Ronda Knox

Kenneth Winter                                                                        Mark Gibson

Kimberly Vogt

Jodie Rindt

William Clow

Gwyneth Straker


Convener: Gwyn Straker



Academic Affairs


Sheila Perkins                                                                           Meredith Thomsen

Robert Richardson                                                                    Jean Hindson



Advancing Respect for Individuals Social Identity


Janet Weir






David Waters                                                                           Margarita Olivas






Tomas Greiner                                                                         Thomas Pribek

Jon Davies                                                                               Michael Current

Timothy Thornton                                                                    Charlene Holler

Jennifer Kosiak                                                                        James Peirce




Cultural Affairs


Enaldo Oliveira             Music                                                   Meredith Thomsen  

Scott Dickmeyer           CS                                                       James Peirce

Mariana Candido          Theatre                                                Michael Current

Eric Barnes                   Art

Donald Kuderer




Legislative Affairs


Joe Heim                                                                                  James Peirce

Carol Miller                                                                              Michael Current

Dorian Dorado                                                

Georges Cravins





Meredith Thomsen        

James Peirce



Student Services and Buildings


Ressano Desouza-Machado                                                     Michael Current           

James Peirce

Charlene Holler

Peg Maher




Student Technology Fee


Galadriel Chilton




Parking Appeals Board                                                         Alternate


Charlene Holler