Date:    September 28, 2006




From:   Carmen R. Wilson, Chair, Faculty Senate

            University of Wisconsin – La Crosse


Re:       UWS 7



The Faculty Senate at UW - La Crosse has considered the draft resolution supporting the proposed UWS 7 authored at Madison and circulated through the Faculty Representatives. The UW-L Faculty Senate is unable to support this resolution. The UW-L Faculty Senate does agree, as cited in the draft resolution, that s. 36.13(3), Wisconsin Statues requires that rules regarding tenure and probationary appointments be developed through the action of the "board and its several faculties". The UW-L Faculty Senate is concerned, in view of this requirement, that it has not received a formal request on this question from the Board of Regents.


The Faculty Senate at UW - La Crosse has voted to support the resolution passed by the Faculty Senate at UW - Whitewater (resolution FS0607-02). This resolution does not endorse and does not approve the promulgation of UWS 7. The resolution cites two significant concerns with the proposed rule. In addition to these concerns, the UW-L Faculty Senate again notes that UWS 7 was developed in response to an implied connection between the public attention surrounding recent cases of faculty felony convictions and concerns raised over the effectiveness of the university's internal disciplinary process. This connection implies that the recent cases have occurred because of, or have been exacerbated by, some deficiency in existing policy, and that this deficiency is sufficient to require the development of new policy. However, no analysis or evidence exists to suggest that the abuses inherent in the recent cases could not have been responsibly addressed through the existing policy. There is either a problem with the existing policy or there is a problem with its application. The UW-L Faculty Senate believes that reasonable discourse and action on this matter should have begun with an analysis of why the recent cases, which have most assuredly damaged the public reputation of the University System, occurred and identified those portions of UWS 4 which contributed to the inability to respond to these cases in a more responsible and timely manner.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.