Dear Faculty Senate & Academic Staff Council,


Over the past few months we have been working on having a policy and procedure in place to facilitate the hiring of spouses/partners if the situation arose.  As you will see in this document, these were based on the models of similar policies at other universities. This type of hiring is already technically an "option" already but we all felt that having a procedure in place would best facilitate a fair process on campus.


We are requesting a review of the document by your respective senates and councils.  The end result will be a request to Chancellor Gow to approve the policy.


It is important to note that this document was developed by Bruce May, Karen McLean, Al Thompson and Jennifer Wilson.  In addition, it has been endorsed by the deans' and provost's councils (representing all the units that report to the provost).  Finally, a system attorney read through the document and raised no concerns.


It would be ideal if this could be vetted by your groups as soon as possible - as the hiring season for academic positions will soon be upon us.  Karen McLean, Bruce May, and Chris Bakkum are happy to come to your meetings to respond to questions - I would recommend that you have a least 2 of the 3 there for the reading as there are likely to be a few comments or questions.


Thank you for attending to this matter.


Betsy Morgan