Report to the Faculty Senate


the Remuneration of  Department Chairs



submitted by

the Promotion, Tenure and Salary Committee

Joe Anderson, chair

Gregory Wegner, sub-committee chair




November 16, 2007










The Promotion, Tenure and Salary Committee was given a charge by the Faculty Senate to “investigate and report on college procedures for compensating department chairs.”  What follows is the result of an e-mailed survey to the respective Deans of the colleges including Bruce May (College of Business), Karen McLean (College of Sciences and Allied Health) and Ruthann Benson (College of Liberal Studies). 


Remuneration Policy     


·        Cutting across all the colleges is the common practice of paying all department chairs $200 per month for a total of $1800 per academic year.  Release time is based on the number of faculty in each department.  (See Faculty Senate By-Laws VI:  Remuneration of Department Chairpersons.  Section A  Salary Adjustment for Chairpersons and  Section B Reduction of Load).

·        In addition to this academic year payment, each college offers a second payment covering the summer appointment of the department chair.  A recent policy statement on UWL’s policy regarding the remuneration of department chairs provided by Associate Dean Charles Martin-Stanley states that “summer appointments are at the discretion of the college Deans.”  During the summer, chairs receive summer support ranging from 30% to 100% of one month salary in CLS, 66% or 80% of one month salary in SAH, and up to $4,000 in CBA. 


PTS Recommendations for the Faculty Senate:


At a meeting of the PTS Committee on October 11th, the Committee approved the following recommendations:

·        Retain the Deans’ flexibility in determining the percentage release time from teaching for department chairs.  This recommendation recognizes the fact that circumstances in various departments change over time including, among others, the challenges wrought by hiring new faculty and responsibilities in periodic accreditation processes. 


·        Propose an increase in the academic year remuneration from $200 to $300 per month thus raising the grand total from $1800 to $2700.  This recommendation is made with the observation that seven years have passed since the Faculty Senate’s original recommendation for the academic year remuneration for department chairs came into being.   The recommendation is also forwarded with the realization that faculty salaries have remained stagnant in recent years.  Nevertheless, the Committee believes that department chairs deserve a higher academic year remuneration after receiving $1800 over the last seven years.   


·        Compensation should be reviewed every two years with the biennial budget.