Charge for the ad hoc Assessment Committee (AHAC) for AY 08-09:

The Assessment Committee should coordinate the development and implementation of assessment tools by departments that address at least one of the SLOs identified for their GenEd courses. Assessment of all GenEd courses must be occurring no later than Fall 09.

The Assessment Committee will work with departments to

  • Ensure that appropriate assessment tools are developed for each SLO
  • Assist with implementation of the assessment tools by Fall 09
  • Develop a simple form for departments to use to report assessment results based on the LX140 form
  • Collect assessment results from departments
  • Provide assessment learning opportunities including workshops
  • Serve as a resource for assessment so that departments know who to contact if they have questions about assessing their courses

The Assessment Committee will work with GEC to

  • Prepare an initial report for the GEC by the end of the ’08-’09 academic year, including an analysis and discussion of any assessment results 
  • Gather any additional information that is deemed necessary by GEC

Note: For further information the AHAC should consult The University Core Assessment Plan prepared by the General Education Assessment Task Force on October 2007 available at