Whereas undergraduate education and experiences serve as important foundations to graduate-level education;


Whereas the graduate students in many programs serve as mentors and role models for the undergraduate students at UW- La Crosse, thereby enhancing the quality of the undergraduate experience;


Whereas the graduate students serve important university functions that enhance the education and learning experiences of undergraduate students;


Whereas the notable graduate programs at UW-La Crosse are critical to the recruitment of the best students as well as highly qualified faculty;


Whereas the need for graduate-level education in the global workforce and knowledge-based economy is increasing, in some instances a master’s degree signifying the entry level;


Whereas qualified applicants to  the graduate programs at UW-La Crosse are signifying their distinct need for financial support (e.g., assistantships, scholarships, tuition remissions), leading to vigorous competition from other academic institutions for qualified applicants;


Whereas UW-La Crosse is  losing its competitive edge in recruiting and retaining the most academically talented graduate students due to limited resources (assistantships and tuition remissions) on hand;


Whereas UW-La Crosse graduate students are required to engage in substantive research/scholarship;


Whereas there is a need for support for learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom to enhance graduate students’ future professional functioning;


Whereas graduate students are strongly encouraged to present their research/scholarly work in regional, national and international conferences/meetings and to build professional networks at such meetings;


Whereas graduate education reinforces the continuum of the development of professional identity, lifelong learning and professional development so critical to a global society; and


Whereas the research/scholarly accomplishments of graduate students mentored by faculty contribute to the heightened recognition, visibility and external funding opportunities to UW-La Crosse


BE IT RESOLVED that greater allocation of financial resources by the university is vital to maintaining the quality and capacity of graduate-level education at UW-La Crosse.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate and the university community needs to engage in a broad discussion on the state of graduate education at UW-La Crosse in order to appropriately prioritize such education within the mission of this University THEREBY INCREASING . . .


·        UW-L’s competitive edge in recruiting high quality graduate students and faculty and supporting the travel and research of those students and faculty

·        The ability of  graduate students and faculty to enhance the quality of both the graduate and undergraduate educational experience at UW-L

·        UW-L’s reputation for high quality education

·        UW-L’s contribution and commitment to a lifelong continuum of learning