April 17, 2008



To:                  Faculty Senate

From:              Faculty Senate Library Committee

                        William Barillas (English), Paul Beck (Library), Barbara Bennie (Mathematics), Linda Dickmeyer (Communication Studies), Tim Gerber (Biology), Joshua Hockett (Undergraduate student representative), Donald LaCoss (History), Kathleen Lynch (Graduate student representative), William Ross (Management), Melissa Ruplinger (Undergraduate student representative), Shauna Sallmen (Physics), Chia-Chen Yu (Chair, Exercise and Sports Science), Consultant: Anita Evans (Library Director).


Re:                  Resolutions on Acquisitions Budget Crisis at Murphy Library



To follow up on the Faculty Senate meeting of March 6, the Faculty Senate Library Committee puts forward the following resolutions to manage the acquisitions budget crisis at Murphy Library. These resolutions advocate the importance of information access and document delivery at Murphy Library for faculty and students. The “Resolution for UW-L Support of the Library Budget for Acquisitions and Access” emphasizes the issues internally at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The “Resolution for Advantage Wisconsin: Growing the Research Infrastructure (Library Component)” seeks new legislative funding for the 2009/11 biennium at the UW System level. These resolutions emphasize strategies that would relieve the burden of the budget crisis in library acquisitions and access. The Faculty Senate Library Committee requests that the Faculty Senate take action and pass the resolutions below.








WHEREAS the demands of ILL/Document Delivery services are increasing with distance education students and faculty; and


WHEREAS with the approval of Growth, Quality and Access Plan, the number of faculty and students will increase with additional costs to the Murphy Library; and


WHEREAS steep annual inflationary increases have cut into the purchasing power for library resources resulting in the cancellation of scholarly journals and other materials,


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Faculty Senate supports increasing the Library budget for acquisitions and access and asks that the university consider the following among other means:


·              Differential tuition funding

·              Growth, Quality, and Access funding

·              Charging or allocating special fees for Library use as appropriate










WHEREAS the lifeblood of academic research is authoritative information and UW System libraries are purveyors of that content; and


WHEREAS information is essential in increasing research capacity and productivity across the UW System; and


WHEREAS information sources available “virtually” are essential so that faculty, staff, and students can use them from their computer at work, at school, at home for distance and lifelong learning; and


WHEREAS the information marketplace has exploded in response to growth in new areas of knowledge; and


WHEREAS the recruitment and retention of talented faculty and students requires that they have access to information resources they need to do their best work; and


WHEREAS faculty and student researchers’ contribution to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge contributes to a strong Wisconsin economy; and


WHEREAS steep annual inflationary increases have cut into the purchasing power for library resources resulting in the cancellation of scholarly journals and other materials; and


WHEREAS UW has received no new funding for the acquisition of library resources since the 1999/01 biennium


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the UW-La Crosse Faculty Senate supports the UW System biennial budget request for funding for UW Libraries to increase electronic access to information to benefit students and faculty/staff.