Faculty Senate
Cookie Day


April 24, 2008                                                                                                                                        Robert C. Voight Faculty Senate Chambers

Vol. 42, No.16                                                                                                                                       325 Graff Main Hall – 4:17 p.m.


I.   Roll Call

Present:  M. Abler, R. Ahmed, J. Anderson, S. Brokaw, V. Crank, S. Crutchfield, L. Dickmeyer, J. Heim, K. Hoar, D. Hoskins, K. Hunt, S. Kelly, R. Knox, A. Loh, C. Miller, P. Miller, J. Miskowski, A. Olson, S. Senger, S. Smith, R. Sullivan, B. Udermann, C. Wilson

Excused: G. Straker


II. The minutes of April 17, 2008 meeting were approved.


III. Reports

            A.   Chair’s Report

SEC Activities

The SEC is discussing the transition from the current SEC to a new SEC.  If anyone has ideas or items they would like us to include they are asked to contact any members of the SEC (incoming or outgoing). 


Capital Campaign Open House

The Foundation will be hosting an open-house May 7 from 3:00 to 6:00 pm.  This will be an excellent opportunity for faculty and staff to ask questions about the campaign or other aspects of the Foundation.  Carmen met with the Foundation director, Al Trapp, on Monday, and encouraged him to continue and even increase the information flow to faculty and staff.  He was very receptive to that idea.  They talked about continuing visits to Senate, periodic emails and possible open forums, but if anyone has other ideas about how the Foundation might advertise what they are doing, please feel free to share them with Al, Carmen or the new Senate chair.


            B.  Chancellor

There have been concerns over the Assistant to the Chancellor position.  This is not a new position, but the role will change and will be filled with someone new.  There have been questions on some of the responsibilities the person will be doing.  This person will speak on behalf of the Chancellor when he can not make some appointments.  It would be nice to have someone who has some knowledge working with the University System and Political people.  A question was raised over the short timeline for applying for the position.  The salary will be the current nine month persons salary changed to a 12 month salary. The Chancellor says this position will not overlap the Provost’s position.


The UW-L Foundation can and has guaranteed funds needed for Phase I of the Stadium project.  If not all pledges are collected, the Foundation will work to gather more funds and cover all depts. on loans.  The Chancellor is disappointed with progress for the Academic Building project.  He hopes to see progress soon.


            C.  Faculty Representative’s Report

No report.


            D.  Student Association Representative’s Report

No report.


IV. Promotion Tenure and Salary (PTS) Committee recommendations


            A.  Merit/Solid Performance split and Chancellor’s 10%

Until pay increases equal or exceed the cost of living increases or some similar measure, the money we’re talking about is a relatively small amount and the Chancellor should not exercise his option to use the discretionary 10%.  The pay plan should continue to be used for Merit/Market and Solid Performance as departmental by-laws state.


M\S\P  Accept recommendation as stated above.


            B.  Longevity Bump

Based on data obtained from Human Resources for all tenure track faculty on their year of hire, year of last promotion, starting salary and current salary, the Promotion Tenure and Salary Committee found that the general trend is that starting salaries have increased faster than pay raises.  Starting salaries of newly hired assistant professors are projected to surpass those of recently promoted associate professors within approximately the next five years, and recently promoted full professors within approximately the next ten years.  An across the board longevity bump would cost between $500,000 and $2,000,000 per year.


Because of this, the committee felt there was compelling evidence to support a longevity bump to Full and Associate Professors based on the year they were hired. We are fully aware that this could probably not be accomplished in a single year as the cost would be in the 1-2 million dollar range if it were applied in an "across the board" manner. Another option would be to gradually phase the bump in over a 3, 5, or 7 year timeframe. The bump could be linked to departmental merit, promotion, positive post-tenure reviews or perhaps any combination within those three areas.  The committee further felt that any bump in salary should not come at the expense of any annual pay increase that might apply to the rest of the UW-L faculty in any given year.


M\S\P  Accept recommendation as stated above.


Compared to comparable institutions, UW-L salaries are roughly 13% below for Full Professors, 15% below for Associate Professors and 9% below for Assistant Professors.


V.  APR report

            A.  History

This report was rescheduled for the May 8 Senate meeting.


            B.  School Health Education

Academic Program Review (APR) Recommendations: 

The Academic Program Review committee finds no serious issues to address and recommends that the School Health Education (SHE) program should be reviewed next according to the standard review cycle. During this period the following items should be addressed:

  1. The Program should review advising procedures to address student concerns.  
  1. The Department should organize a faculty retreat to address concerns of both the SHE and Community Health Education (CHE) Programs, and to develop a five-year strategic plan.   
  1. Clarification is needed regarding the funds available (from the Department, College and School of Education) for faculty development and instruction resources. Also, the Department needs to establish transparent and detailed guidelines for the distribution on funds.  
  1. The Program should try to redesign the graduate program so that it meets the needs of non-traditional students. Related to this, the College should support the graduate program by providing adequate pay to faculty during the summer and by giving release time to faculty for administrative roles.
  1. The University should explore the possibility of establishing the School of Education as a separate entity to simplify its administrative relation with the SHE and CHE Programs.


M\S\P  Accept the APR report.


A suggestion was made for mandatory advising.  The Department and External Advisor support a new structure for the School of Education as an entity separate from the College of Liberal Studies.


VI. Ad Hoc By-law Committee: format recommendations and timeline – first read

Recommended Outline Format:  Requesting approval of order and content of the outline shown in Appendix A (UW-L By-law Template [4-1-08] Final).

Recommended Deadlines:

  • Each academic college will have a webpage where all departmental by-laws are posted by August 2008.  All by-laws will include the date of the last modification.  As of August 2008, the by-laws on file (and on the web) with the college office will represent the official by-laws for the departments should any form of dispute arise.  Departments have until June 1, 2009 to develop their by-laws in line with the recommended changes.  As of August 1, 2009 all departmental by-laws will reflect the recommended format and be posted on-line via the college webpage.
  • Comment:  Although deans do not formally approve departmental by-laws, they are required to review them to make sure they are in accordance with the UW and UW-L policy and procedure. Consequently, the dean must be notified of all by-law modifications and receive the most current copy.


A friendly amendment was made to change Section VI (IAS Review) part C to read “Appeal Procedures for Annual Review” since appeals procedure for career progression is built into the guidelines. 


This structure will make it easier for information to be found when needed


M\S\P  Accept recommendations on the proposed format.


M\S\P  Accept recommendations for the proposed timeline.


Comments on first read for UW-L Required wording for departmental by-laws:

In reconsidering department decision on retention, critical information is needed with regards to when criteria for retention and tenure were made.  It needs to be determined if the person was given enough prior notice.  By-laws will be catalogued and dated.


VII. Articles and Bylaws – change to eligibility requirements for department chairs, second read


V.  The Selection of Department Chairpersons

                                    B. Eligibility Requirements for Serving as Chairperson 

1.       All members of a department shall be eligible to serve as department

       chairperson provided they are:  

                                                            a. Tenured and of the rank of assistant professor or above;

                                                            b. On staff of this university at least three full semesters;

                                                            c. Not on terminal contract or temporary appointment.


M\S\P  Accept Bylaw as written.


VIII. Old Business


IX. New Business


XI. Adjournment


The meeting adjourned at 5:32 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Kelly