Charge for the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) for AY 09-10:

The ad hoc GEAC was established in Spring 2008 to coordinate annual assessment for General Education courses through AY 10-11, including serving as a continued resource in the coordination, development, and implementation of assessment tools by departments.    

For GEAC’s second year (09-10), the GEC (with faculty Senate approval) charges them with the following:  

  • ensuring that all General Education courses being taught during the academic year are assessed. For courses already assessed in AY 08-09, the same SLO could be assessed for a second time or the department could offer a rationale for changing SLOs. 
  • continuing to ensure that appropriate assessment tools are developed for each SLO.
  • aiding departments in the revision and improvement of assessment tools, perhaps by arranging workshops.  
  • modifying the web site and/or reporting forms as necessary based on experiences in AY 08-09.
  • collecting assessment results from departments at the end of the academic year.
  • preparing a report for the GEC by the end of the 09-10 academic year, including a summary of the departmental analyses and discussions of assessment results, and a spreadsheet that includes a list of the SLOs that have been addressed in the 2-year assessment of General Education. 
  • gathering any additional information that is deemed necessary by GEC.

Note: For further information the GEAC should consult The University Core Assessment Plan prepared by the General Education Assessment Task Force on October 2007 available at