The PTS Committee met on January 29 to develop a recommendation regarding the UW-L distribution to faculty/staff of the 2009-2011 pay plan.  The Board of Regents has recommended increases of 2.5% in each year of the biennium.  However, in light of the very serious state budget shortfall, the actual amounts could be significantly less.


Given these conditions, the PTS Committee recommendations for the 2009-2011 pay plan follow:


1.  UW-L should continue the practice of distributing the pay plan based on two-thirds for solid performance and one-third for merit/market.


2.  The UW-L Chancellor should continue to refrain from exercising the “Chancellor’s Discretionary Option” of taking up to 10% off the top of the pay plan to address any other faculty/staff compensation issues.  Further, due to the cumulative effects of several consecutive years of inadequate pay plans, the UW-L Chancellor should begin to exercise this option only when the pay plan provides an increase which exceeds the cost of living increase or some similar measure.


                               D. W. Koster, Chair, 2008-2009 PTS Committee