44th Faculty Senate
March 11, 2010 – 3:30p.m.
Robert C. Voight Faculty Senate Chambers – 325 Graff Main Hall
Vol. 44, No. 11 

I.      Roll Call.

Present:  J. Anderson, C. Angell, J. Baggett, S. Brokaw, D. Buffton (excused), B. Butterfield (excused), V. Crank (excused), G. Cravins, T. Gendreau, J. Heim, K. Hoar, J. Holman, K. Hunt (excused), D. Lake, R. LeDocq, A. Loh, C. Lee (excused), R. Mikat, J. Miskowski, S. Shillinger, R. Smith, M. Tollefson, B. Van Voorhis (excused) and M. Wycoff-Horn


II.      Minutes of February 11 and 25 approved.


III.      Reports.

a.       Faculty Senate Chair.

                                                  i.      The March 25 FS meeting is cancelled.  (** see below)

                                                ii.      Committee Preference Forms Update:  There have been only a few minor glitches with the survey.  A couple of modifications/improvements for next year have already been planned:  Qualtrix can be programmed to send a confirmation letter to those who have submitted their form and to send reminders only to those who have not yet submitted their form.  The question of whether or not a summary of the committees that you have signed up for could show up before you submit so you can go back and make changes if necessary is being looked in to.

                                              iii.      Student Association President Erik Kahl would like to thank the faculty for their help with the Haiti Day event.

                                              iv.      Joint Legislative and Regents Committee has scheduled a meeting for legislators:  Friday, April 16 at 1:00pm in 339 Cartwright Center.  Representatives Kapanke and Schilling will be in attendance.  Representative Huebsch has not confirmed.  Faculty were not well-represented at the fall meeting.  Please make every effort to attend this session.

b.      Faculty Reps.

                                                  i.      The next meeting is scheduled for March 19.  There has been little response to Educational Attainment.  Joe will ask other reps if their campuses are planning a response.

                                                ii.      Another reminder to make every effort to attend the legislative forum on April 16.  It is very important that faculty voice any concerns with salary, recruitment, capitol projects, etc.

                                              iii.      Collective bargaining update:  AFT is reporting that there are enough signatures for a collective bargaining vote at Eau Claire and Superior.  UWL is considered third on the list.  Will cards be distributed soon at UWL?  Do we want collective bargaining?  Will faculty or academic staff bargain along or as a single unit?  Will we join with other campuses?  All of these questions and many others still need to be addressed.

c.       Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs/Provost.

                                                  i.      Update on our accreditation status:  A second report was filed this year with respect to diversity and the assessment of the Gen Ed program.  They have requested that we fill an additional report on Gen Ed assessment in September 2011.

                                                ii.      MEPD Update:  Continuing Education & Extension is working on a plan to move the MEPD learning communities out of Cont. Ed. and into the College of Liberal Studies.  The learning communities were never meant to remain in Cont Ed and the move should be completed by next year.

                                              iii.      Commencement Update:  A joint committee has met to consider the possibility of moving to a different venue.  A proposal will be presented to campus soon.

                                              iv.      Graduate Studies & Sponsored Research Update:  There has been a lot of grant activity this year.  The grant writer will start work in the next month.  The main focus of this position is to support faculty in writing grants.  The Graduate Committee has reported that enrollment is down and is looking at recruitment for next year.  The workload associated with undergraduate research has been transferred into the Provost’s office to reduce the workload in the grants office.

                                                v.      School of Education Update:  We are making great progress in SOE.  Marcie Wycoff-Horn will begin her position as Interim Director of SOE in July.  The half-time SOE Assessment Coordinator will start in June.

                                              vi.      Higher Education Opportunity Act Update:  This Act will have huge impacts on the amount of reporting required in many areas including SOE and Financial Aid.

                                            vii.      Many large projects have been identified, but have not yet been attacked; partially due to the need to address a multitude of UWS requests and initiatives and the workload due to the conversion to PeopleSoft:  revision of summer school courses, camps and events, academic planning and strategic plan.  We need to start work in many additional areas as well including a marketing plan and a fundraising plan for scholarship. 

d.      Vice Chancellor of Administration & Finance.

                                                  i.      Enrollment Update:  Total enrollment is close to our projections in all areas except graduate students.  To make our target, the Admissions office has admitted more transfer students.  We are now looking at our Fall target, which we do not expect to meet.  Administration has worked with Joint Planning & Budget to develop a contingency plan to address this issue by slowing our GQA faculty/staff growth.

                                                ii.      Curricular Redesign Funds Update:  In past years, approximately $100,000 that was meant for curricular redesign was used for other needs:  laboratory/classroom modifications, salary, etc.  This money will now be made available for curricular redesign.

                                              iii.      Capital Projects Update:

1.      Centennial Hall:  They are now starting to work on framing classrooms, installing ductwork, electrical, conduit, etc.  We are on schedule to move into the building during summer 2011.

2.      Residence Hall:  This is on track to open summer 2011 as well.

3.      Wittich Hall:  Campus dialogue about what to do with this building is under way.  Therapeutic Rec/Rec Management has moved to HSC.  Gymnastics could be moved to Mitchell Hall, but where would Special Rec move to?  Should this building be used for instructional or non-instructional purposes?  UWS wants to address midsize projects (like Wittich Hall) that have not been touched since the 1930’s or 40’s, so this is a potential avenue for updating Wittich Hall.

4.      Cowley Hall:  The committee met today to begin moving forward with pre-planning.  There will be open forums in March.

                                              iv.      Academic Initiatives:  The increase (from $900,000 to $1.4 million) will have significant impact on academic affairs with $180,000 going to the Library, $125,000 for undergraduate research and $120,00 for the Murphy Library Tutor Center.

                                                v.      How does UWL’s enrollment compare with other system schools?  This varies across campuses.  We will be changing our admissions strategies next year to make admittance determinations earlier to make sure we meet our target for Fall 2011.  Lack of housing has also impacted our enrollment and our new residence hall will be open for Fall 2011.

IV.      Dean of Students.

a.      Introduction of Assistant Dean of Students – John Palmer.

b.      Presentation of Behavior Intervention Team (BIT):  Please contact John or Paula if you have any concerns or questions

                                                  i.      Important that people on campus know how to reach 911 or campus police (8-911 – or 9999 – off campus 789-9999)

                                                ii.      A DVD on being prepared for intruder incident was viewed.  Get; Call; Hide; Keep; Take Out.


V.      Indirect Cost Recovery Distribution Proposal (Adrienne Loh).

a.      Motion:  The Budget Review Committee supports the recommended Indirect Cost Policy as described in the documents distributed by Bob Hetzel on 1-27-10.

b.      Discussion: 

                                                  i.      What does this policy mean to college budgets?  The Budget Review Committee was satisfied with the plan that will take funds and use them to fund the cost of research.  These funds were previously used to backfill college budgets.  Funds to cover these costs will be added to college budgets to make up for the reduction in indirects.

                                                ii.      How can the 5% to the PI be spent?  It must go back into the research budget and cannot be spent on salary.  Administration is working on language for allowable expenses.

                                              iii.      Has the issue of additional funding for undergraduate research grant (Dean’s Fellowships) for SAH been accounted for?  This is still being worked on.

                                              iv.      In the past, PI’s could apply for up to 20% of the indirects.  This has been used to make up for low startup funds.  How will this be affected by the new policy?

c.       ** At this point, a quorum was lost.  This issue and the rest of the March 11 agenda will be moved to a later meeting agenda.


VI.      New Business.


VII.      Old Business.


VIII.      Adjournment at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kerrie Hoar