TO:            Faculty Senators

FROM:      SEC

DATE:       March 24, 2010

RE:            Academic Program Review Committee membership



Background:  As you may recall, last year’s Academic Program Review Committee (APR) did not accomplish its work. This resulted in a significant increase in the workload for this year’s committee. In an attempt to mitigate some of the problems associated with this, in its May 14, 2009 meeting, last year’s Senate approved the following motion from the SEC:


SEC recommends suspending the bylaws of the APR committee for one year to increase the APR   

committee membership by three to deal with the backlog of this year’s reports. 


This year’s committee has made significant progress in dealing with the reviews from last year as well as reviews for the current year.


In order to maintain the momentum of this year’s committee, the SEC would like to allow current members of APR who are in their third year on the committee to continue on the committee for a fourth year, if they are interested in doing so. This would be a one-time exception to the Faculty Senate Bylaws which state


II. (o)  No faculty member shall be appointed to a standing committee for more than three years in succession unless a fourth year appointment is necessary to assure a minimum of one carry-over committee member for the succeeding year or otherwise stated in these bylaws;



Thus the SEC would like to make the following motion for consideration by the Senate:


Motion:  SEC recommends making a one-year exception to the Faculty Senate Bylaws as they relate to the

 APR committee in order to allow current members who have served for 3 years to sign up for

 one additional year on APR, if they are interested in doing so.