3:30pm – 327 Graff Main Hall

October 7, 2009


Members: Joe Heim, Kerrie Hoar, Becky LeDocq, Adrienne Loh, and Bart Van Voorhis

Visitors:  Bob Hoar; Kathleen Enz-Finken; Brian Udermann; Kristen Koepke


  1.  Minutes from September 29 SEC meeting approved as amended.


  1. Chair’s Report: 


  1. New Business:
    1. Online Education Handbook:  (Brian Udermann & Kristen Koepke)

                                          i.    Discussion of online education and the handbook.  Brian would like FS to ultimately endorse a standard set of policies for the campus.

    1. Nomination of Faculty Member for IT Working Group:

                                          i.    Motion to put Dave Riley forward as the faculty representative to the IT Working Group.  M/S/P

                                        ii.    Motion to put TJ Brooks forward as an alternate in case Dave Riley is not willing to serve.  M/S/P

    1. Updated Draft of October 15 Faculty Senate Agenda:

                                          i.    Oct. 15 Items:

1.    Nomination of the Faculty Representative to the IT Working Group

2.    IAS Policies (UWL 8-13)

3.    Report on Inclusive Excellence – Becky will see if Barbara Stewart and/or Paula Knudson can visit FS on Oct. 15.

4.    Report on McNair Grant – Becky will see if Roger Haro can present on Oct. 15

                                        ii.    Save for Later Date:

1.    PTS report on the Ad Hoc group’s report on “the role of the Director of the School of Education in personnel decisions” -  Clarification requested from Ad Hoc group.

2.    APR report on the role of the Provost in the review process.             

3.    List of revised Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) due from Gen Ed.  Gen Ed has received new UWS guidelines, so more time is needed.

4.    APC 2008-09 final report and recommendations.

5.    Furlough Letter

    1. Furlough Letter – Possible revisions were discussed.


  1. Old Business:



Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Kerrie Hoar, secretary