4:00pm – 327 Graff Main Hall

September 22, 2009


Members: Joe Heim, Kerrie Hoar, Becky LeDocq, Adrienne Loh, and Bart Van Voorhis

Visitors:  Bob Hoar


  1.  Minutes from September 15 SEC meeting approved as amended.


  1. Chair’s Report: 
    1. Report from meeting with Bob Hetzel about use of indirect funds:  A new UW-L policy on the use and dispersal of indirect funds is being developed.  JPB will be discussing this issue and SEC will revisit if necessary.
    2. Update on International Education Committee Recommendation to Faculty Senate:  The IEC recommended that the amount in the International Development Fund be increased from $75,000 to $100,000:  The source of funds for this increase is still unknown.  Becky will contact Jay Lokken to discuss this recommendation.
    3. Collective Bargaining Update:  Information on collective bargaining is posted on the HR website.  Since unionization will affect everyone, faculty should be advised to be attentive and be informed on this issue.


  1. New Business:
    1. Online Education Handbook:  SEC will discuss this at its next meeting.
    2. October 1 Faculty Senate Agenda:  Tom Hench will bring the TAUWP furlough letter to FS for discussion and Teri Hinds will present the new policy on acquiring student emails for research;
    3. APR’s report on the role of the Provost in reviews and IAS committee recommendations on UW-L 8-13 will be moved to a later agenda.
    4.  Newsfeed Posting of FS Minutes:  FS agendas and approved minutes will be posted to Faculty Senate Committees newsfeed.


  1. Old Business:
    1. Articles and Bylaws Assessment of Departmental Bylaws Compliance:  The deadline for having departmental bylaws updated using the UW-L template and posted online was August 9.  Of the 32 departments, 28 are now online.  Of these 28, only 5 are in compliance with the UW-L template.  SEC will ask Article and Bylaws to contact those departments still in non-compliance and request that they address the issue



Meeting adjourned at 5:07pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Kerrie Hoar, secretary