Proposed APR Bylaw Revision from Articles and Bylaws

December 7, 2010

(from page 14 of the Faculty Senate Bylaws- addition is in all caps)


C. The Academic Program Review Committee


Duties and responsibilities of the committee shall include:


1. Maintaining and updating the procedures and criteria used to review existing academic programs at UW-L.


2. Scheduling and conducting, in consultation with the provost/vice-chancellor, the audit and review of academic programs, INCLUDING THE JOINT (WITH UW SYSTEM) REVIEW OF NEWLY IMPLEMENTED ACADEMIC PROGRAMS.


3. Reviewing the Faculty Workload Policy and monitoring its application.


Membership of the committee shall consist of nine faculty members and three students. The faculty membership shall include at least three representatives from the College of Liberal Studies and the College of Science and Health, 

and at least one representative from the College of Business Administration. The provost/vice-chancellor and the academic deans shall serve as administrative consultants to the committee. The committee shall elect its chairperson.