TO:           Faculty Senators


RE:           General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC)

Date:         November 11, 2010


The General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC) was created as an ad hoc committee with a three year life-span,  in 2008-2009. Thus this the third and final year of its existence as it currently stands. The GEAC has done a tremendous amount of work creating and implementing a process for assessing general education courses.  In the reaccreditation process through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC),  UW-L continues to have issues related to assessment in all its forms. The need for continued assessment of general education courses, as well as the general education program as a whole, is not going away.  After discussion with Anne Galbraith, chair of the General Education Committee, and Scoot Cooper, Chair of the GEAC, Patrick Barlow, the Assessment Coordinator, as well as several others interested in assessment, it was decided that we should consider making the GEAC a standing Faculty Senate Committee.

The first move in this direction was to create a draft of the possible standing charges for the committee and the committee makeup.  Members of the GEAC, in consultation with the SEC, created this initial draft. The SEC is asking the Senate to approve the idea of transitioning the ad hoc GEAC to a standing Faculty Senate Committee. If approved, the draft of charges would be forwarded to the Articles and Bylaws committee for translation into proper language for bylaws. This language would then be brought back to the Senate. Since this would be a Senate bylaw change,  two readings are required on the Senate floor. If approved after the second reading, the bylaw change then goes to the full faculty for a vote. So, as you can see, this is just the initial step in the process.  The draft of standing charges and committee membership is given on the following page for your consideration.




Standing Charge for the General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC)

DRAFT 11-8-10


The GEAC will report directly to the General Education Committee.

The GEAC will coordinate annual assessment for General Education courses by: 


·         ensuring that all General Education courses being taught are assessed at least once every two

·         ensuring that appropriate assessment tools are used to evaluate an SLO.

·         aiding departments in the revision and improvement of assessment tools.

·         supervising an online assessment reporting process which supports General Education assessment

·         compiling assessment results at the end of the academic year.

·         submitting an annual report on General Education assessment activities to the General Education  


·         gathering any additional assessment information that is deemed necessary by General Education


The GEAC will consist of seven voting members,


(1)    CBA, (3) CLS, (2) SAH and (1) At-Large


·         Members shall be faculty.

·         The Assessment Coordinator will serve as a non-voting consultant.

·         Terms of service for members will be four years with no more than two members being    
                   replaced each year.