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SA 1011-020: Resolution to Allow Reasonable Electronic Device Use


DATE: October 20, 2010

AUTHOR(S): Chris Herbst

SPONSOR(S): Cate Urbas, Missy Ruplinger, Liana Skibbie, and Andy Verhoeven


WHEREAS, Students and faculty at UW- La Crosse are constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and sustainability on our campus;


WHEREAS, Several Organizations and Initiatives exist on campus that are dedicated to preserving the environment and encouraging sustainability;


WHEREAS, The electronic distribution of University forms, class materials, mailings, and surveys has lead to a significant decrease in the amount of paper products and shipping materials used;


WHEREAS, Desire2Learn (D2L) is taken advantage of by many faculty and organizations as a means of making electronic information readily available;


WHEREAS, Faculty require or strongly suggest printing out lecture slides and other materials from D2L before class;


WHEREAS, Costs of paper and ink can be cumulatively prohibitive to fulfilling this need;


WHEREAS, The alternative of writing all notes by hand is not always possible in the time allotted, nor does it limit use of paper products or ink cartridges;


WHEREAS, Many faculty prohibit the use of paperless alternatives, such as laptops, netbooks, or tablets, on the grounds that they may cause a distraction;


WHEREAS, These devices are tools in the hands of students and in most cases not optimized for distracting entertainment purposes,


WHEREAS, These devices do not emit sound or buzzing, nor is their primary purpose designed to encourage disruptive socializing behavior;


WHEREAS, A student may choose to use even a paper notebook or his/her body in a manner that could be considered distracting;


WHEREAS, These alternative note-taking devices contribute to an interactive learning process, to the ease of organizing one's thoughts in writing, and to reducing the demand for paper or other physical resources; 


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, Student Senate strongly urges that the use of electronic devices for note-taking purposes never be prohibited on campus, and it promotes the dispensing of information about their proper use and benefits.


THEREFORE BE IT FUTHER RESOLVED, A copy of this resolution is to be referred to the Faculty Senate, the Heads of all Departments, the Provost, and anyone else deemed appropriate.