Articles and Bylaws Committee 

November 9, 2000


Meeting called to order 1:30 p.m.


Present: C. Berlin, M. Gibson , D. Koster, B. LeDocq, K. Sherony


1.  The minutes of the October 19, 2000 meeting were approved.

2.  K.Sherony reported on his meeting with the Academic Priorities Committee and David Bange, Faculty Senate chair. The
     consensus seems to be that this committee does need to continue to exist. The APC committee will be working on a document to
     help clarify the responsibilities of the committee and the protocol for seeking approval for a new program, and will also address
     the membership requirements for the committee.

3.      D. Koster reported on the progress of the subcommittee working on the Director of General Education serving as chair of the General Education Committee. He provided a copy of the bylaws for the General Education Committee with the wording change that states that the Director of General Education will serve as chair and convener of this committee.


      M/S/P to approve the change of wording in the bylaws for the General Education Committee as distributed.


4.      D. Koster reported that he was contacted by Joyce Shanks, chair of the Travel and International Education Committee, who wanted to meet with either Dave or the entire Articles and Bylaws Committee concerning the duties and responsibilities of their committee. A meeting could not be arranged. The Travel and International Education Committee has since met and will be creating a document to clarify the duties and responsibilities of the committee. They would then like this committee to look at the document and get the two committees together to discuss it.

5.      D. Koster reported that the subcommittee on chair compensation has not met. They will meet to create some tentative language for the bylaws addressing this issue.

6.      The next committee meeting was scheduled for November 30. at 1:30 in RM 11 North Hall.

7.      Meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca LeDocq