Present:  Grunwald, McGaff, Johnson, Cerbin, Smith, Rajagapol, Scherwitz, Achenreiner, Frye

M/S/P  approval of minutes from the 11/29/00 meeting

The question of what will happen to the money that is not used for the technology grants (since only 3 proposals were submitted this time) was brought up.  Cerbin stated that the money not used would probably be absorbed into the University's general budget since the money cannot really be used for any other faculty development purposes.

After some discussion the committee decided to post a second call for proposals to see if the balance of the money could be spent.

M/S/P to have second round of proposals with a deadline of 3/30/01

The committee discussed the three proposals submitted.

M/S/P to fund Klindworth, et. al. fully.

The committee chair will contact two of the proposers to ask if they can clarify some questions either in person or in writing by 2/21/01 meeting.

Adjourned at 3:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Christopher Frye