Travel and International Education Committee
Minutes of October 12, 2000

Present: Andrew Stapleton, Jonathan Majak, Thomas Gushiken, William Doering, Robin McCannon, Joyce Shanks (Convener), Ron McKelvey, Ahmad Alhawyan, Eric Kraemer, Lisa Swayhover, Gary Gilmore

Excused: Gregory Chu, Kathy Hollon, Joye Schultz

Guest: Jennifer Williams, Department of Fine Arts

Minutes of the September 28, 2000 meeting were amended as follows:
Under the header "Lokken reported on the following:"

1.The second bullet should read: UW-L was asked to apply for the American Committee on Education to serve as a model program for international education for the U.S.

2.The third bullet should read: OIE has been working with departments to initiate internship programs based on UW-L students' curriculum.

3.The fourth bullet should read: UW-L will be hosting the 2000 Regional (Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin) Conference for NAFSA: Association of International Educators, November 5-7, 2000.

4. The seventh bullet should read: For the fourth time, UW-L International students shall be marching in the Oktoberfest parade.

Reviewed the Recreation and Art in Italy Foreign Study Tour proposal.  Briefly discussed the previous concerns with the initial proposal and that this proposal addressed those previous concerns regarding a good integrated curriculum. Discussed the $2,500 cost of the program, that three faculty would go (two to teach and one to coordinate hotel, bus schedules, etc). We were told that 35 students have already expressed interest in the program at this posted cost and that the program is
self-supporting, no additional costs are being requested. Jennifer Williams was invited to the meeting at 8:45 a.m. so that we could clarify any questions.

It being before 8:45, we jumped to the next agenda item until she arrived.

Joyce gave us a run down on the work the previous years committee did with the bylaws and what was left to do before it went on for Faculty Senate approval.  Those issues include: student evaluations and feedback, budget worksheet, expectations and review process for ongoing study tours, appropriate name for the committee, approval dates for J-term programs.

Jennifer Williams from the Department of Art arrived. Jennifer briefed us on the nature of the two programs - Recreation and Art in Italy to be led by herself and Patricia Ardovino from the Department of Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation. The committee's questions were:

1.Credit hour breakdown. Jennifer indicated that the first 4 days (6 hours a day) would be on campus learning Italian language and culture, that each day would begin with an hour lecture. Jennifer would not speak to Patricia's class but that the Art class would then leave to make sketches.

2.What are the level of students. At least 2 studio classes are required and students could take the class as a 200 or 400 level class depending on additional prerequisites and required workload.

3.Whether all students would be from UWL. Yes.

4.How many students could take part in the program, how many students were already interested. There is a high interest (35) in the program among art students and that the program could handle up to 36 students.

5.Jennifer indicated that this was the first program from the Art Department to Italy.

As there were no more questions, Jennifer was excused. A motion to accept the program was made and seconded. The motion carried with no nays and one abstention.

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 a.m.

The next meeting will be October 26 at 8:15 a.m. in room 240 Morris Hall.

William Doering