Travel and International Education Committee
Minutes of October 26, 2000

Present:  A. Alhawyan, G. Chu, W.  Doering, G. Gilmore, E. Kraemer, J. Lokken, J. Majak, R. McKelvey, J. Shanks (Chair).

Excused: T. Gushiken, K. Hollon, R. McCannon, A. Stapleton.

1.  The minutes from October 12, 2000 were reviewed and approved.

2.  It was decided that the minutes would reflect those present and excused, but not specify those who were absent.

3.  The Bylaws were reviewed, with the following issues raised:
"Duties and Responsibilities"

  • Question raised (Gilmore) re need to stipulate both credit and non-credit review responsibilities of the committee.  Lokken responded that there may be student liability issues with either format, and the OIE must report both credit and non-credit international activity.  Question raised (Shanks) re how this matter relates to Continuing Education and Extension (CEE) international offerings.  Lokken will follow-up with D. Campbell, Director of CEE.  As an additional point, if credit and non-credit review fall under the purview of the TIEC, item 2 could be revised to read: "Review, for possible approval, proposals to offer existing UW-L courses and programs...."
  • Question raised (Majak) regarding role of TIEC in item 6, as well as purpose of the review process (Gilmore).  Item 5 also discussed, with the ISC Director (Kraemer) stating that he would want to have the oversight of TIEC.  Others (McKelvey, Chu) cited the value in having a review body, rather than course-related decisions by just one individual.  The purpose was stated by Kraemer as making sure that the courses are appropriate in accordance with the INS minor.  An additional need for clarification was requested by Majak regarding the focus of the review:  international education issues; travel-related issues.  It was decided to have Shanks and Kraemer meet with Faculty Senate Chair, David Bange, to discuss the issues raised and to make certain that the committee would not be viewed as overstepping its boundaries in terms of curricular review.
  • The last paragraph under "Duties and responsibilities" was reviewed, particularly regarding the appropriateness of including the statement, "along with representatives from the Office of Continuing Education, the International Academic Staff Task Force, and the Provost's Office".  Lokken will discuss the matter with those involved, and make a recommendation to the TIEC at its next regularly-scheduled meeting (Nov. 9th).
4. Review of the Bylaws will continue at the next TIEC meeting with (1) section-related insights from committee members who served last year, and (b) any issues detected by the current committee members.

5. In a general context, Lokken mentioned that outside reviewers (e.g., Carnegie Foundation) have commented on the need for a UW-L master plan for international education.  Additionally, Lokken distributed copies of the brochure describing the NAFSA Region V Conference to be held at the La Crosse Center, November 5-7, 2000.

6. Next Committee meeting:  November 9th, 8:15-9:15 a.m., 342 Cartwright Center (note change)

Respectfully Submitted,

G.D. Gilmore