Travel and International Education Committee
Minutes of March 8, 2001

Present: Ahmad Alhawyan, Greg Chu, Bill Doering, Eric Kraemer, Jay Lokken, Jonathan Majak, Ron McKelvey, Joyce Shanks (chair), Steve Simpson

Excused: Gary Gilmore, Robin McCannon

December 7 minutes approved as written.

Briefly reviewed Changes to Annual and Ongoing Foreign Study Tours Bylaws.  Committee members with comments should email them to Joyce.

Joyce distributed draft of International Education Vision and Mission Statement (dated 2/27/01).  Jay suggested, and committee concurred, that specific comments about immersion be included.  Eric suggested specific comment about facilitating transfer credits from international programs. Other rewording of bulleted items also were made.

Jonathan presented subcommittee changes to Revised Bylaws for Travel and International Education Committee.  The first change was inclusion of the term evaluation to Statement 1 and second was to change the wording in point 5. See also membership wording listed below.

Joyce announced that she will present proposed changes to Articles and Bylaws Committee on March 22 at 10am in 4027 Cowley.  All committee members are encouraged to attend.  The proposal will not include Guidelines for Foreign Study Tour Programs, which have yet to be fully revised.

Key point of bylaw changes is whether academic staff members have voting rights.  The proposed bylaws will include a member of the International Academic Staff Task Force as a voting member, but not suggest that the Committee become a Joint Committee of the University.

Joyce will edit Guidelines for Foreign Study Tour Programs for next meeting.

The Committee passed in a unanimous vote that the proposed name change for this committee be Committee on International Education.  This is a rejection of the proposed name of Committee on Global Education and removes the term travel from the current committee name.

Next meeting is scheduled for March 29 at 1p.m.