Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

Tuesday, December 12, 2000




Members Present:        Schoen, S. Krajewski, Cress, Shillinger, Martinez, Odulana, Matchett, Ragan, Scheuermann, Loh, R. Krajewski


Members Absent:        A. Nelson, A. Folie, K. Weidinger, J. Dunn


Consultants:                 Amelia Dittman, Carla Burkhardt, Kim Vogt, Mandi Anderson, Diane Schumacher


Guests:                           Jearold Holland, Mark Gibson, Chia-Chen Yu, Tom Gushiken, Patricia Ardovino, Lori Petersen, Travis McBride, Emmanuel Felix, Eric Kraemer, Barbara Rusterholz, Dean Stroud, Jana Braziel, Jan VonRuden, Judy Holloway, Theda Holder, Sandy Keller


1.        Announcements:

a.        The next UCC meeting is scheduled for January 23, 2001, which is the second day of classes. Because of the timing, UCC may not meet until January 30. Registrar D. Schumacher will decide whether we meet 1/23 or 1/30 based upon the proposals received.

b.       Chair R. Schoen will send UCC members a list of suggested topics for future discussions regarding UCC’s functions to go with the Senate charge letter included in the 11/28 UCC agenda.


2.        M/S/P to approve the minutes of November 28 with the following changes:

New Theatre Arts Minor Management Emphasis – change electives from 6 to 12 credits, add THA 470 to the elective list, delete 331 and 470 from required courses.

THA 421/521, add prerequisite THA 321 or 420.

M/S/P to approve the minutes of December 5, 2000.

        Note: Errors in minutes found after approval corrected as follows:

Child Youth Care—B.2. HED465-l credit; B.4.Behavioral Concerns: PSY304; B.5. PSY 390 (Youth at Risk);
C. CST 336


3.        Second Reading, Proposal #32, RTH 355, Medical Language, 3 credits (was 2 credits), instructional pattern, effective fall 2001.


This course has been offered for twenty seven years. Based on feedback from current students, the department deemed it necessary to place a greater emphasis on pharmacology. The field has expanded since the inception of the class. While a similar class is taught through the Clinical Science department, this particular class more fully meets the needs of the targeted student group.


M/S/P to suspend the discussion (3 no’s, 1 abstention)

M/S/P to approve the proposal (2 abstentions)


4.        Second Reading, Proposal #37, Athletic Training Major (was emphasis), Concentration in Special P.E., ESS 205, 206, 209, 309, 409, 303, 327, 368, 411, 443, 447.


M/S/P to approve the proposal as recorded 11/28/00 with the following changes:

        ESS 303, Prerequisite: Recommended MTH 150, 151 or 207

        ESS 327, Prerequisite: Elementary Education majors only; EFN 210, C-I 211

 ESS 106 was withdrawn from the proposal.


5.        Second Reading, Proposal #39, ENG 443, Postcolonial Anglophone Literature, 3 credits, new course.


Content overlap with ENG 441 was questioned at the first reading. The department explained that 441 is a sampling across a variety of postcolonial Anglophone literatures, while 443 is more intense and adaptable to specific areas of concentration.  The field is large and easily supports both courses.


M/S/P to approve the proposal as recorded 12/5/00, with the understanding that the wording in the course description will be changed for clarity.




6.        First Reading, Proposal #42, PHL 230, Multicultural Philosophy, 3 credits, prerequisites, effective fall 2001.

Prerequisite: PHL 100.


M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve the proposal.


7.        First Reading, Proposal #43, change catalog description, effective fall 2000.

        “German Studies Major (Open to all students in all colleges) is a multidisciplinary major that requires 36 credits. Requirements are: completion of the required courses in the German Minor (15 credits); four additional upper-level courses in German, one of which must be GER 315; HIS 352 or HIS 314, and two courses from the following list: ENG 401, GEO 310, HIS 346, HIS 348, POL 338, POL 355.


        Business Concentration – 24 credits, including ACC 235 (or 221 and 222), ECO 110, 120, 340, MKT 309, 341, MGT 308; and one from the following: ECO 311, MGT 430, FIN 355. Recommended courses C-S 101, ECO 375, 442, MTH 175, 205, FIN 440 and the two courses not chosen in the second group.”


SPA 305, Introduction to Hispanic Literature, 3 credits, change prerequisites, effective spring 2001.

        Add SPA 304.


M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve the proposal.


8.        First Reading, Proposal #44, Physics, change the required courses and electives, effective fall 2001.

        “Physics Major with Computational Physics Emphasis, (Liberal Studies, Business, Science and Allied Health) ¾ 39 credits, including: PHY 103 or 203, PHY 104 or 204, 250, 311 or 335, 332 or 401, 464, 474, C-S 220, and at least one credit of PHY 498; and 14 additional credits from PHY 302, 303, 321, 332, 335, 343, 401, and one-two credits of 498, C-S 270, C-S 340; C-S 351 or MTH 371.”


The proposal adds more Physics and upper level C-S courses to the electives and requires PHY 498.


PHY 464, Computational Physics, 4 credits, change prerequisites, effective fall 2001.

        Prerequisites: PHY 104 or 204, MTH 208, C-S 120, and MTH 309 or concurrent enrollment.


M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve the proposal.


9.        Student petition represented by Sandy Keller to waive the writing emphasis in a General Science (Broad Field) Major with a biology minor. The student incorrectly identified her major as education, not the content area in which certification will occur. As a result, she took EFN 460 and RDG 432, in addition to previously earning credit in EFN 210 and PSY 370. The student will student teach spring semester and graduate in May 2001. The petition is supported by Terry Beck, Co-director of Writing Emphasis.


M/S/P to approve.



SAH: Apply SPA 403 to the Humanities (Literature) requirement on the General Education requirements


11.     Old Business – none


12.     New Business – none


The meeting adjourned at 5:35. The next meeting will be January 23 or January 30.



Diane L. Schumacher

UCC Secretary