Meeting of Articles & Bylaws Committee, April 4, 2002
Convened: 8:30 am, room 111, Carl Wimberly Hall

Present: Berlin, Gibson, Hench, Sherony, Koster

M/S/P: Minutes from the February 14, 2002 meeting.

M/S/P: A revision of the Hench/Berlin draft on Performance Evaluation of
Administrators by Faculty incorporating a few editorial changes and the
inclusion of references to the works of Deming and Kohn. Hench/Berlin will
provide the revised draft to Sherony who will forward it as a committee
report to the Faculty Senate.

Mark Gibson gave a progress report on using e-mail with a web link back to
UW-L to conduct a survey of the Athletic Directors at nine other WIAC UW
system campuses to gather information on (faculty involvement in) procedures
used to review Athletic Programs. Mark will check with Garth Tymeson to see
if such a survey requires UW-L IRB approval. The plan is to send out the
questionaire ASAP.

Adjournment: 9:00 am.

Next Meeting: 8:20 am, April 18, 2002, room 111 Carl Wimberly Hall

Respectfully submitted: D. W. Koster