Feb 15, 2002, 7:30 a.m. room 3076 HSC

Present: Graham, McCoy, Soneira, McCoy, Skala, Wang, Reithel,, Martin
Excused: Czerwinski
Absent:   Keaton

The  Academic Program Review Committee meeting was called to order by Chair, Carol McCoy at 7:35am.  Each sub committee reviewed their findings/questions from their Self Study Documents.  Questions for each program/department are attached.  Carol distributed the format for writing the report as well as the example of last year’s one report.  She advised each subcommittee to determine who would write the report.  The report will be written following the meeting with the department/program. It will be reviewed by the chair and then submitted to the Faculty Senate. 

Haxia Wang asked for assistance in the review of  ESS: Graduate Program in Human Performance as her sub committee  member did not respond to her inquiries(Paul Keaton) and she would like another opinion on the document.  Carol said she would assist.

The “best meeting times” sheets were distributed.  Each subcommittee and the APRC chair will meet with the various departments/programs.  Any member is welcome to attend the session but it is imperative the subcommittee that reviewed the document be present.  The chair will contact the departments/programs with the questions as well as different meeting times. The meetings will be set up for the week before and after Spring break..

Carol also advised the committee they will need to meet with the departments/programs that will be reviewed in 2003-04 (Art, Chemistry, Physician Assistant and CBA).

The SEC has inquired as to the dates the reports will be available and the chair responded to schedule the reports for May 2.  If any are ready sooner they will communicate with SEC.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 a.m.