Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes
Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Members present:  Uphoff, Krueger, Kelley, Simpson, Matchett, Periyasamy, Wilder
Members absent:   Kuffel, exc; Frye, exc; Krajewski, exc; McCannon, exc; Skalecki, Kaufman, Shober
Consultants:           Martin-Stanley, Anderson, Duquette
Guests:                  VonRuden, Morgan, B.Miller

1.        M/S/P to approve minutes of April 2, 2002

2.        Second Reading:  Proposal #12, School Psychology/Psychology,  various course and program changes

 SPY 800, Thesis Proposal, 1 credit, new course effective fall 2002
“This thesis proposal course is required of all school psychology students beginning the spring of the student’s first year of graduate school. The course is designed to help students progress toward the successful completion of their thesis proposals. Topics in the course will vary due to student need, but may include resource utilization, topic selection, ethical issues, institutional review boards, committee selection, research design, data analyses plans, scientific writing, proposal development, and APA style. A student must have his./her thesis proposal approved by the school psychology program before beginning his/her internship. Course may be repeated for up to 3 credits. Pass/fail grading.”

SPY 801, Specialist Thesis, 1-3 cr., changed prereqs & credits, effective fall 2002
“Completion of an independent research project and thesis under the direction of three graduate faculty members. Approved topics must be in an area related to school psychology. Prerequisites: PSY 520, SPY 795, 800, consent of instructor, written approval of three graduate faculty to serve as committee members. Students must register for thesis no later than the final semester of internship. Students working with a faculty member on their thesis in the summer must be enrolled in a summer session of SPY 801. Repeatable for credit. Minimum 3-maximum 12. Maximum of six credits applicable to degree.

Discussion focused on whether students can repeatedly enroll in thesis credits instead of GRC 799. The school psyc program changed their requirement so students enroll in SPY 801 during summers, but GRC 799 during academic year (after initial thesis enrollment).

M/S/P to approval proposal #12 as recorded in the 4/2/02 minutes and as revised above. (1 abstention)

3.        Consent agenda—the MEPD Learning Community proposal was withdrawn. The department will present it later.

4.        Old business—none

5.        New business—none

Meeting adjourned. Next GCC meeting is Tuesday, May 7th at 3:30 p.m. in 325 Graff Main Hall

Diane L. Schumacher