Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes
Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Members present:  Uphoff, Krueger, Kuffel, Frye, Krajewski, Kelley, Simpson, Matchett, McCannon, Periyasamy, Wilder
Members absent:   Koppelman (exc), Skalecki
Consultants:  Jax, Rada, Martin-Stanley, Schumacher
Guests:  Hollon

1.     Kathryn Hollon was introduced to the committee as the LTE replacement for Judy Holloway.

2.     M/S/P to approve minutes of April 16, 2002

3.     Second Reading – none

4.     First Reading – none

5.     Consent Agenda:  Undelete SPE 525, Psychological Principles of Teaching Children with Learning and Behavior Problems, 3 credits, Course is required in the MEPD program for Learning Communities; taught by Learning Community faculty.

M/S/P to rescind deletion of SPE 525, graduate level only.

Delete ECO 710, Managerial Economics, 3 credits; FIN 720, Managerial Finance, 3 credits; ACC 705, Accounting and Managerial Control, 3 credits; MGT 730, Organizational Behavior and Theory, 3 credits; MGT 732, Operations Research and Decision Making, 3 credits; MGT 735, Strategic Management, 3 credits; MKT 740, Marketing Analysis, 3 credits.

MGT 735 will be offered one last time in order for students currently in the program to complete the required courses, and deleted in summer 2003. That will be noted in the catalog. All other courses will be deleted immediately. MGT 730 is an elective the MS: Community Health program.

M/S/P to delete listed courses pending discussion of MGT 730 with the MS: Comm. Health program director.

6.     Old business - none

7.     New business:

Ron Rada presented the draft guidelines for the approval processes for credit-bearing and non-credit-bearing certificate programs.  This proposal is a 3-year pilot study, which, if approved will begin June 2002.

The meeting adjourned at 4:13 p.m.

Diane L. Schumacher
GCC Secretary