General Education Committee Minutes

April 15, 2002

325 Graff Main Hall

3:30 p.m.



Members Present:  Johnson (director and Chair), Grunwald, Hollenback,  Hindson, Leonard, Reinsch, Winfrey


Consultants Present:  Diane Schumacher, Bill Cerbin, Amelia Dittman, Theda Holder


Guests Present:  Kasi Periyasamy, Barb Barkauskus, David Riley, Tom Gendreau, Deb Hoskins, Diane Cannon, Becky LeDocq, Barb Rusterholz


Chair Emily Johnson called the meeting to order at 3:30.


Sandy Grunwald was assigned the task of taking minutes for this meeting.


The minutes of the April 1, 2002 meeting were approved as submitted.


Becky LeDocq and Barb Rusterholz presented the results of the National Survey of Student Engagement for UW-La Crosse.  Presently in its third year of survey, the NSSE assesses college students' involvement in curricular and co-curricular activities that are associated with academic achievement. The survey is given to second semester freshmen and seniors who are eligible to graduate.  Participation in the NSSE is part of an ongoing institutional assessment of student learning and development at UW-L. The committee involved in this project will be establishing focus groups with freshmen to discuss this survey and ask them broad to specific academic questions.



Emily met with Student Academic Affairs Committee to discuss the Gen Ed program.  This committee mentioned that it is committed to every gen ed instructor having a web page and they will present this proposal to faculty senate.


The Chronicle of Higher Education had a call for college presidents to sign on to the value of a liberal education.  Please read the article regarding this and Emily proposes that the committee sends a letter to the chancellor encouraging him to sign on. 


The subcommittee on Gen Ed Faculty Development will meet on Wednesday at 1:30.


New Business:

Computer Science Department presented their WIMP proposal before the committee.  After much discussion on several issues and agreement to change the effective date to students entering Fall 1998 there was a motion to approve the Computer Science WIMP proposal and waive a second reading.  M/S/P


Proposal for HON 204 course to be approved as a Gen Ed course in Section II, Category D Self and Society: Understanding Oneself and the Social World.  M/S/P for approval and waive of a second reading.


Proposal for HON207 course to be approved as a Gen Ed course in Section II, Category A, Multiracial Women Studies. M/S/P for approval and waive of a second reading.


The last meeting of Gen Ed for the academic year will be on Monday, May 6th.


Emily will be contacting members regarding plans for next year and in getting feedback on “Call for President Support” of liberal education.  Asked members to take a look at NSSE as we plan for next year.  Also look at several of the honors course as possible prototypes of other gen ed courses. 


 The meeting was adjourned at 5:15.


Respectfully submitted,


Sandy Grunwald