Faculty Senate Library Committee
December 5 2001 Meeting Minutes

Present:  Jim Batesky, Susan Crutchfield, Anita Evans, Tim Gerber,  Jason Letizia, Laura Miller, Elsie Patterson, Cris Prucha,  Hulya Yazici, Chia-Chen Yu

Meeting called to order at 4 p.m. in room 120 of Murphy Library by Chair Chia-Chen Yu.

·        Minutes of November 7, 2001 were approved.

·        A meeting schedule for the spring 2002 semester was discussed. A number of faculty members have conflicts with the current time. Chair Yu will send an email to give everyone on the committee an opportunity for input. Based on the replies, Yu will establish the schedule and distribute it via email.

·        Yu reported that she had contacted Emily Johnson, the Director of General Education, to follow up on a meeting with her this semester regarding integrating information literacy into General Education courses. Johnson indicated that she is looking at models from other universities and has begun to rewrite goals for the General Education program. Johnson intends to put information literacy goals into the first draft of the revised program statement. Johnson hopes to invite  representatives from the Library Committee to a General Education Committee meeting next semester, to provide the committee with more information.

·        Yu reported that per committee suggestion, she asked UWL Protective Services to have officers check the extended hour study area and provide counts between midnight and 1:30 am. Counts reported were low: 11/14/01-- 3 people; 11/19/01-- 1 person, 11/28/01--1 person.

·        Evans reported that the UW System Enhanced Resource Sharing Task Force will report back at the end of January on desktop delivery options for UW System libraries. Randy Hoelzen, UW-L Murphy Library serves on this committee.                  

·        Evans distributed the UWL Protective Services Security Audit of Murphy Library. The report is not for general distribution at this time. Installing cameras or a swipe card access device in extended study was discussed. Are these costs justified given the low use, or is use a consequence of the lack of security?. Student members felt that students do not use the extended hours room because they are not aware of it. The library should publicize services with sidewalk chalkings at the beginning of the semester. More tours may also be helpful.  Student members reported on their experience in being trained and re-certified at intervals in non-violent security techniques. They suggested the library student staff would benefit from this training.

·        The Food and Drink Committee needs feedback from the Library Committee on what would work in terms of offering coffee or food in the library. Paul Keaton and Jim Gray would be willing to work on this. The committee discussed the possibility of establishing a coffee shop in the library. Members felt that the coffee shop would facilitate student learning in providing a meeting place for students and faculty.  The library is in a good location.  Perhaps the extended hours room could be used. Yu will send an email to all Library Committee members announcing the Food and Drink Committee meeting.

 ·         Prucha reported that two candidates for the Collection and Resource Development Librarian were interviewed and the Search and Screen Committee will announce the  successful candidate very soon..                                                                                                  

Respectfully submitted,
Cristine Prucha