Faculty Senate Library Committee
Feb. 20, 2002 Meeting Minutes

Present: Susan Crutchfield, Tim Gerber, Abdulaziz Elfessi, James Gray, Cris Prucha, Hulya Yazici, Elsie                 Patterson, Chia-Chen Yu, Paul Keaton
Consultant:  Anita Evans
Guest:  John Jax

Meeting called to order at 4 p.m. in room 120 of Murphy Library by chair Chia-Chen Yu.

  • Minutes of December 5 2001 were approved
  • James Gray will serve as secretary for next meeting (March 13)
  • Anita Evans (Library Director) introduced the new collection development librarian, John Jax.
  • Jax explained some of the collection & development issues such as resources, budget (and the formula for departments), and the future goals. Some adjustments for this matter will take place next semester.
  • Jax outlined the role the faculty Liaison.  Committee members discussed their experiences with liaisons and what role they have played as liaisons.
  • Yu reported that she met the director of General Education (Emily Johnson) and the General Education Committee on February 11 along with Anita Evans and Cris Prucha regarding integrating information literacy into General Education courses. Johnson indicated her support to this idea.
  • Yu reported that the Director of General Education addressed the following concerns: (a) More systematic methods to integrate information literacy into General Education courses (b) Methods to assess student outcomes and (c) Design and content of library instruction.  Need to be discussed in the future meetings.
  • Yu reported that the General education draft includes references to information literacy.
  • Food and Drink committee met on December 13.  The committee reported that several issues need to be discussed before taking a final decision, such as music, location, creating the right atmosphere, and type of food and drinks.
  • Anita Evans reported that no specific information is yet available related to the University Strategic plan.  References to the library made at the Future Search Conference related to access, such as longer library hours.
  • Evans reported that two Regents are coming in the following two weeks to visit the library.
  • Evans reported that a visiting library director from China had been spending time in various library units to learn about library operations.
  • Evans reported that some services may be eliminated as a result of the budget cuts.  The impact is not yet known. 
  • Next meeting is on March 13.

Respectfully submitted,
Abdulaziz Elfessi