Faculty Senate Library Committee
Minutes of May 8, 2002 Meeting

Present:  Gwen Achenreiner, Susan Crutchfield, Tim Gerber, James Gray, Elsie Patterson, Cris Prucha, Hulya Yacizi, Chia-Chen Yu

Consultant: Anita Evans

Guest: John Jax

Meeting called to order at 4 p.m. in Room 120 of Murphy Library by chair Chia-Chen Yu.

·        Minutes of April 10, 2002 were approved.

·        Proposed Journal Cancellation

n      John Jax, Collection and Resource Development Librarian, reported the proposed journal cancellation

§   According to Jax, “At meetings held with library liaisons last fall, Jen Holman discussed the possibility of canceling some high-priced, under-used journals.  The cancellation project is a UW system-wide endeavor.  Historically, library expenditures for journals have increased approximately 8-10% per year and in Wisconsin, the state budget allocation has not kept pace with these inflationary costs.  The issues of escalating journal costs and a static budget for the next biennium necessitate canceling $42,000 worth of our periodicals subscriptions.”

§   John Jax and Jen Holman have identified titles for cancellation that have a high cost/use ration, are available through Project Muse or another full-text content provider, or that are available through document delivery services.

·        Information literacy

n      Cris Prucha raised the concern that information literacy was not presented on the draft of general education program outcomes which only listed the main headers.  Therefore, Cris Prucha and Stefan Smith completed the feedback form and forwarded comments to Emily Johnson about information literacy.  Chia-Chen Yu also represented the committee relaying the concern to Emily Johnson by returning the feedback form. 

n      Yu further reported the response from Emily Johnson about information literacy for general education curriculum.

§   Gen Ed committee members spent most of them time debating and developing outcome statements, even though the committee understands the importance of information literacy.  As a result, specific recommendations or procedures for incorporating information literacy into the curriculum have not been discussed. 

§   Johnson suggested the Library Committee make some recommendations to the Gen Ed curriculum in terms of what course seems most suitable for inclusion of some information literacy aspects.  Also recommends the sequence of experiences to include aspects of information literacy into coursework in a systematic, hierarchical manner.

§   Johnson would like to have a proposal by the beginning of all semester.

n      Committee members’ discussion

§   Committee discussed current courses with incorporation of information literacy.

§   Committee also has concerns about the difficulty, such as a specific course for information literacy.

§   Committee members are willing to provide further feedback and suggestions about this issue in the summer vacation via e-mail or telephone commutation.


·        Suggestion for next year’s committee

n      Discussion of budget issues including department allocations


·        Director’s Report

n      Café issue – Food contractor Chartwell’s is interested in pursuiting the idea of library café concept

n      Information Literacy – Continue to discuss with committee members via e-mail regarding integrating information literacy into Gen Ed curriculum