Travel and International Education Committee
Minutes for February 4, 2002

Present: June Reinert, Jay Lokken, Sharon Scherwitz, Jonathan Majak (chair), Jack Bulk, Eric Kraemer, Gary Gilmore.

Excused: Mehmet Aritan, Donald Kuderer, Ronald McKelvey, Andrew Stapleton, and Robin McCannon.

Guests: Jim Gallagher, Deb Peterson (Records), Lisa Swayhoover (Study Abroad Specialist).

1. The meeting was called to order at 3:55pm, February 22, 2002.

2. The minutes from December 3, 2001 were reviewed, revised (item 2: "eliminated" in lieu of "changed from"), and passed unanimously as revised.

3. Jim Gallagher presented handouts and discussed his non-credit offering for June 14-23, 2002, "A Walking Tour of Ireland's Dingle Peninsula."  This fourth such offering continues to focus on fitness and experiencing the local culture, antiquity, and flora and fauna.

The issue of liability was discussed, and it was determined that for all programs going abroad, insurance coverage is essential.  A question was raised about the responsibility of the committee in reviewing programs such as this.  It was felt that making a distinction between "educational" vs. "non-educational" ventures would be important.

4. Jay Lokken provided an International Education report.  He described a new program with Webster University in Austria, the collaboration between UW-L and UW-Eau Claire regarding appropriate changes in the Dalkeith program, Edinburgh, Scotland, as well as the recent downward trend in international students coming to UW-L, while study abroad activity continues to climb.  Deb Peterson and Lisa Swayhoover also added their perspectives regarding study abroad and equivalent courses.

5. Major discussion centered around equivalency courses (raised by Jac Bulk), and the need to systematize the process.  Review of such courses and their publication in the University catalogues and website would assist all concerned.  The staff of the Office of International Education will initiate the review and listing based on information already in hand.

6. International Studies and the Office of the Registrar will address the larger programs offered abroad.  Certain departments may not want to have a standardized approach to courses from abroad equating with UW-L courses.  It was deemed that the timing is good to be reviewing the overall process now that study abroad activity is increasing (item summary by June Reinert).

7. The idea was proposed to have Lisa Swayhoover explore the possibility of having international representatives in each department.

(item summary by June Reinert).

8. The meeting adjourned at 5:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Gary D. Gilmore