Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

March 26, 2002



Members Present:            Schoen, Reithel, Socha, Williams, Finnegan, Klindworth, Loh,  Matchett, Scheuermann, Johnson, Wainscott


Members Absent:            Nelson, Odulana, Kemnitz,


Consultants:                   Dittman, Burkhardt, Martin-Stanley, Anderson, Schumacher, Jax


Guests:                          Von Ruden, Holder, Saeger, Pribek, Wang



1.              M/S/P to approve minutes of March 12, 2002


2.         Second, Proposal #19,  C-S102, Web Development, 3 cr.,  new course;   

         C-S minors, change in credits, required courses and electives.


Dave Riley contacted the I-S chair and he had no objections to the C-S102 proposal.


M/S/P to approve the proposal as recorded in the 3/12/02 minutes.



3.              First Reading, Proposal #20, ENG442 Chinese Discourse: Different Ways of Thinking and Writing, revise title and course description, effective Spring 2003


?n this course, students will cross the cultural/discursive boundaries between English and Chinese. Through this journey into the Chinese, students will prepare themselves for a more diverse future culture and also become more knowledgeable and reflective about their own cultural/discursive heritages in English. Prerequisite: three credits in 200-level English courses.?/p>


The committee suggested a new course description similar to the first paragraph of the Outline in attachment II.  This was a first reading.




4.         First reading, Proposal #21, Radiation Therapy Major, revised credits and required courses.

Effective for all students who are accepted into the program after 2/02.


Delete HED360, 1 cr., from Professional Core. Add new course, R-T325, 2 cr., to the Professional Core. The total professional core credits increases from 28 credits to 29 credits.



R-T481,  Seminar in Radiation Therapy, 3 cr, revise course description and outline.


?he course, offered during the clinical internship, is a capstone course in which students present patient case information, discuss application of radiation science theory, review and critique journal articles and prepare for the national certification exam. Prerequisites: R-T412, 435 and 437, acceptance in the major and assignment to clinical internship site.?/p>



R-T325,   Radiation Therapy Readings, Writing and Research, 2 cr.,  new course effective Fall 2002.   (changed abbreviation to ?-T Rdg/Wrtng Rsch?


This course introduces radiation therapy students to the language of radiation therapy and professional issues in the field by the use of selected readings. The Radiation Therapy Writing in the Major program will be introduced along with types of writing practiced in the field. Students will learn basic research techniques and begin to apply them to their professional education This course is designed to complement R-T310, which will be taken concurrently. . Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Radiation Therapy program, ENG110, MTH205 (or concurrent).



The committee suggested minor changes to the abbreviation and course description of R-T325 to be made in consultation with the Records and Registration Office.


M/S/P to waive second reading and approve Proposal #21.



5.         Chair Schoen distributed Draft #2 of the compressed course memo. Discussion followed. A motion to approve the memo with revisions was made, had a second, but was then withdrawn. Chair Schoen will distribute a revised draft for discussion at the next meeting.


6.         Meeting adjourned.  Next meeting, Tuesday,  April 9th.






Diane L. Schumacher

UCC Secretary