The first meeting of the Spring Semester 2002 for the Undergraduate Research Committee began at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, February 14.

Present: Bonnie Bratina, Anne Galbraith, Bill Gresens, Mike Jackson, Jennifer Miskowski, Bob Ragan, and Rick Rodrick.

Bob Ragan is replacing Carol Oyster who resigned last fall. Chuck Lee has also resigned and his replacement is in the works and should be here at the next meeting.

The guidelines for the new international research grants have been drafted and Anne will add them to the website.

The abstracts for the Celebration are due March 13. We are going completely to online submission this year and Anne and Bonnie will work at getting this to work soon. In addition to the typical information on the submission form, there will be a place to request that personal invitations be sent to two addresses (friends or relatives) of the presenter's choice.

A tentative schedule of the day (April 12th) follows:

9-10 set-up
10-10:30 keynote speaker
·         10:30-2 posters
·         10:30-12:15 session I talks
·         12:30-2:15 session II talks

Bill Gresens is the contact person for Rick's CST460 students who will help advertise the day. Rick is responsible for stickers.

Bill will prep accommodations for the keynote speaker and a letter will go out to her soon.

Jen showed off the brochure in its current form. It looks terrific! She will shorten some of the text so that more pictures and quotes can be added. The brochure will be ready soon.

Rick, Bill, and a student or two will sponsor a round-table to answer questions about the grant application process. Posters advertising this round-table will be going up soon.

Meeting ended at 6:40 p.m.

The next meeting is Thursday, February 28 at 5 or 530 (Rick will send out a reminder with the exact time).  BRING YOUR CALENDARS SO WE CAN SCHEDULE GRANT REVIEW MEETINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted Friday, February 15, 2002 by Anne M. Galbraith.