University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Articles and By-Laws Committee (ABC) 2002-2003


Thursday, 2/13/2003

111 Wimberly Hall, 1:30P.M.


Present: Cynthia Berlin, Chair; Sandy Krajewski; BOON Murray; Keith Sherony


Meeting was called to order at 1:30p.m. by Chair Cynthia Berlin.


1. Minutes of 10/24/2002 were approved.


Old Business

2. Standing Committee Sizes – Sherony made a motion seconded by Murray to delay action on

    this item until university reorganization is determined. The vote was 4-0 in favor.


New Business

3. Berlin will clarify involvement of additional faculty on Faculty Research Day (can additional

    faculty be involved in carrying out charges to this committee since much of the work is



4. The next meeting was set for 1:30p.m., March 27th, Room 111 Carl Wimberly Hall.




Respectfully submitted,

Susan "BOON" Murray, Secretary