University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

Articles and By-Laws Committee (ABC) 2002-2003


Thursday, 3/27/2003

111 Wimberly Hall, 1:30P.M.


Present: Cynthia Berlin, Chair; Sandy Krajewski; BOON Murray; Keith Sherony


Meeting was called to order at 1:30p.m. by Chair Cynthia Berlin.


1. Minutes of 2/13/2003 were approved.


Old Business

2. Request to delay action on standing committee sizes was not accepted. The Articles and

    Bylaws Committee is charged with making a recommendation to Faculty Senate by May 1st


            1) reduce committee size

            2) combine or restructure

            3) improve faculty participation


    Sherony had prepared a document containing (a) breakdown of faculty positions on 33

    committees, (b) discussion questions exploring possible reductions and motivation for faculty

    participation, and (c) various tables showing distribution of committee members by

    representation among CLS, SAH, CBA, HPERTE, and ED and by entitlement per the current

    articles and bylaws. Members will continue to discuss this proposal at the next meeting.

    Berlin had systematically gathered commentary from committee chairs regarding size and

    this input was further discussed as well as chairs' suggestions verbally conveyed to Sherony

    and Krajewski . Murray will attempt to gather factual data on patterns of faculty participation

    from the Faculty Senate Office before the next meeting


3. Berlin clarified that there is no action needed regarding the inquiry about assistance with

    Faculty Research Day – the committee may seek assistance from faculty who are not

    committee members.


New Business

4. No new business.


Next Meeting

5. The next meeting was set for 1:30p.m., April 3rd, Room 111 Carl Wimberly Hall. Murray noted

    she will be unable to attend due to out-of-state presentation.




Respectfully submitted,

Susan "BOON" Murray, Secretary