Informational Meeting

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Room 2076 HSC


Present: Heiden, Beck, Bakkum, Morgan, Dixon

APRC Members:  Czerwinski, Graham, Jax, McCoy, Morzinski


Following Introductions, Chair McCoy outlined the time table for the Academic Program Review for programs scheduled for review in 2004-05

Programs with External Accreditation/Directors

Educational Studies:  Deloris Heiden, Chair

      Pre-K/Elementary/Middle Level Education:  Joyce Shanks

      Middle Level/Secondary Education:  Judy Beck

      Graduate Reading Program:  Carol Kirk

      Graduate Special Education Program (and UG minor):  Carol Angell

      Early Childhood Minor:  Barbara Chaney

      Master of Education-Professional Development: Chris Bakkum


Psychology:  major and minor:  Betsy Morgan

      School Psychology: Rob Dixon


ESS:  Pat Dirocco, Chair

      Physical Education, Teaching certificate:  Jim Batesky

      Grad: Phy Ed Teaching option and Adaptive Phy Ed:  Jeff Steffen



Programs with 7 year cycle, ie non-Accredited:

Psychology (UG)   Betsy Morgan



Comparison of the External Review vs. External Consultants programs was outlined.  Selection of an external consultant was discussed.  It was emphasized that an external consultant is not necessary but it can be of benefit to a program for review from an outside source.

Criteria for selection of an External Consultant was identified:


  • Use professional societies
  • Select from an institution with a similar program
  • Ask a department chair of the same type program

WHO PAYS…The department is not liable, the program directors and chairs were advised to discuss the advisability of using a consultant with their Dean.  The money comes from the Provost or Dean.


Programs with external accreditation  were advised to use the self study submitted for the external accreditation, respond to all the UW-L Academic Program Review questions and refer to pages/sections in the external review self study.  Chair McCoy stressed the importance of answering all the questions and follow the format required by the Academic Program Review process.  She added that Self Studies that fail to answer the questions will be returned to the Department/program.


The format for the report was discussed, Chair McCoy outlined issues to address as the self study is written and answers provided:


Goals and Objectives: 

      Do they align with the goals and objectives of the department?

How is assessment done

What methods are used?..some possibilities:

Surveys of graduates, employers

Certification or competency exams

Entrance to graduate school…

Employment in field of study


What measures are used to determine program’s effectiveness

How do you do this? 

      What is criteria for success?

      How are outcome measures used in improving program(s)



Most Common Problems Cited by APRC during review of Self Study

      Adequate measures of program success not well defined or measured

      Improvements made following past academic program review were not evident

      Failure to include data from assessment tools


Meeting adjourned 8:40 a.m.


Following the meeting the APRC members present discussed the status of the programs yet to submit self studies. 

Sociology/Archeology report will be written by Carla Graham with target date for presentation to Faculty Senate of April 11th and alternate date April 24th.  Carol McCoy said Dean Magerus indicated he was attempting to obtain consultants for English and Philosophy.  At this date, the committee felt they would not receive the reports this year.  Dean Nelson has not submitted a request for a delay for Math, although the chair of Math said he was to request it.  International Studies indicated he did not think the format was appropriate for the minor.  Carol felt the 2003-04 committee will have a  heavy review load with the scheduled programs plus Music, Philosophy, International Studies, English, and Math added.  The committee is concerned there appears to be “no teeth” to failure to submit the report.


Carol McCoy, Chair