Process Meeting

Wednesday April 2, 2003, 8am

Room 2076 HSC


Present:  Kelly,  Zellmer, Choy

APRC members present:  McCoy, Czerwinski, Morzinski, Jax


Following introductions, Chair McCoy outlined the time table for the programs scheduled for Academic Program Review in 2003-04

Programs with External Accreditation/Directors:

Bruce Osterby: chemistry

Terrence Kelly…Music

Physician Assistant…Mark Zellmer

College of Business…Bruce May

Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation: George Arimond


The process with the scheduled due dates was discussed.  It was emphasized that, although desirable, it is not required to have an external consultant for the non-accredited programs. 


Programs with external accreditation were advised to include findings of accrediting agency and , if citations, include how were they resolved.  The APR Self Study format must be followed, all questions must be answer but references to the accreditation self study can be used for answering some questions.  It was asked if the program could cut and paste from their Self Study and put it into the APR Self Study.  Chair McCoy said that is desirable.  If there is an external consultant the program is to include the report from the consultant and then respond to the findings


Chair McCoy told the program directors/chairs they would be receiving Unit Data sheets that were to be included with the APR Self Study.


Suggestions for response to the APR Self Study questions were given:

Goals and objectives

Do the goals and objectives for the program align themselves with the goals and objectives of the dept.?


Assessment of program

How do you asses your program/dept meeting the goals and objectives.  Are the goals being met, eg entry into professional or graduate program; is goal overall education or is it employment?  Do you use completencies exams?  How does the program assess the quality of advising students?  Surveys?


Measures of program effectiveness

Are graduates and employers surveyed? What is done with this information?  Do students provide input into how well the program meets the objectives of the program ?  What criteria  is established for determining success?  Are graduation rates and employment rates assessed? How is this information used in program improvement?


The role of the APRC

Subcommittees of at least 2 members they review the self study, make comments, send these to the program, subcommittee meets with program , program responds to questions , subcommittee prepares report which includes any concerns , sends  report to program for review, then prepares report for Faculty Senate.


Meeting adjourned at 8:40 a.m.