Friday, September 13, 2002, 1 p.m.

Room 4106HSC


Present: Czerwinski, Jax, McCoy, Pein, Wegner( for Nyatepe-Coo)

Excused: Graham, Morzinski, Skala, Wang


Convener, Carol McCoy opened the meeting with introductions of committee members.  Members for 2002-03 are:

Curtis Czerwinski (Chemistry)

Carla Graham (English) excused

John Jax (Library)

Carol McCoy (Clin Sc)

Mary Morzinski (English)

Richard Pein (ESS)

Helen Skala (Math) excused

Haixia Wang (English) excused

Arkorlie Nyatepe-Coo, Interim Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor

Two members of the committee ( Martin and Soneira have resigned from the University and the one alternate, Morzinski has been named an active member of the committee


Agenda items discussed:

Selection of Chair:           Carol McCoy agreed to serve another year as chair if a Vice Chair is named.  The Vice Chair would assume the chair role next year.  Curt Czerwinski agreed to be Vice Chair.  The importance of continuity in the committee was stress, all members were encouraged to consider additional years as members of APRC.


Selection of Secretary

The role of secretary will be rotated with each meeting.


Review of Charge to Committee and programs to be reviewed

A copy of the letter from Steve Senger, chair of Faculty senate was distributed The departments/programs to be reviewed were listed:

HEHP: grad program in Community Health educ (ext accredited)



Music (ext accredited)

Philosophy Sociology/Archaeology

International Studies

Carol noted that the Music Department was not included in the list and she advised Steve Senger that the program was originally scheduled for 2000-01 and then 2001-02  and both times a request for delay was granted.  The department had not completed their external accreditation process.  Music was added to the list. Greg Wegner noted Music may require another delay as the accrediting body has not completed the accreditation process.  Carol said she would contact Ruthann Benson (consultant for CLS).

A charge to the committee is to place the new majors into the schedule, Carol reported the committee does not receive this information and she communicated this to Steve Senger.

Greg Wegner provided a list of the programs that are due System Review, which includes the new programs, thus APRC would not place them in the review cycle until after the first system review.

One additional charge for the committee is to determine when to review the extra-department( cross dept) courses, what type of review and how to provide oversight.


Carol explained there are two categories of programs:  those with no external accreditation(7 year cycle) and those with external accreditation (reviewed one year after external accreditation).  She noted the programs on the 7 year cycle are encourage to bring in a consultant to review the program and that report is included with the Self Study Document.

Overview of Committee responsibilities

Carol referred to the handout materials and outlined the responsibilities of the committee members:

  • Subcommittees are formed with 2 members/subcommittee
  • subcommittee  reviews the assigned programs’ Self Study documents
  • subcommittees reviews the programs, questions from the review are sent to the program
  • program directors/department chairs are invited to a committee meeting to answer questions.  The self-study must answer all the questions listed in the Self study format.
  • entire committee  meets to make recommendations re the program.  The subcommittees write their assigned reports
  • report sent to the Faculty Senate.  Carol noted the format for what should be included  could be found in handouts




Review of APRC Self-Study document guidelines and calendar

Music, Athletic Training and the graduate program in Community Health documents are due in September, however the letter from the Interim Provost indicated October 3. 2002 as the deadline.  The subcommittees will review the self studies in October,  during November the subcommittee and other interested committee members will meet with chairs then the subcommittee writes report.  The report will be submitted to Faculty Senate in December and will be reviewed during a Senate meeting in late January or early February.

Also in October the committee is to meet with 7 year cycle programs scheduled for review in 2003-04.  Carol noted only the Art Department is the only program in the 03-04 cyle  that will not be externally accredited and she could meet with the chair separately.


Other programs submit self study  in December, sub committees review documents, and in March APRC meets with chairs, comments and subcommittee prepares report, approved by APRC committee and goes to Faculty Senate by April 1 and then reported to senate.


The committee will also meet with chairs of program to be reviewed in 2004-05 in March, 2003.  Those programs are:

Externally accredited:  Education Studies, ESS. Physical education teaching both graduate and undergraduate and graduate (Adapt) Physical Education, and graduate School Psychology.  The only 7 year cycle program due for review in 2004-05 is Psychology major and minor.


Programs due for review in 2003-04:

Chemistry, Physician Assistant  College of Business Administration, Recreation Management….externally   accredited

ART….7 year cycle


Subcommittee Assignments

The list was distributed, after everyone selects two programs/departments, the subcommittee membership will be finalized.


Next Meeting Date: 

Carol reported Monday afternoon, 3:30pm appear to be the most compatible time for members to meet.  The next meeting will be announced via email.


Meeting adjourned, 1:45pm



Carol McCoy, Chair