Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes
October 15, 2002

Members Present:   Barbara Eide, Thomas Krueger, Jonathan Majak, Sandra Krajewski, Carol Angell, Kent Koppelman, Steve Simpson, Susan (Boon) Murray, Roger Haro, Kasilingham Periyasamy, Patricia Wilder

 Members Absent:    Mark Kelley, Stephanie Connolly

Consultants:    Greg Wegner, Ron Rada, Charles Martin-Stanley, Diane Schumacher

Guests:    Kathryn Hollon, Kaye Schendel


1.     Due to time conflict with a class he is teaching, Timothy Uphoff has declined his position on the committee.  Susan (Boon) Murray was introduced to the committee as Timothy’s replacement.

2.     M/S/P to approve minutes of September 17, 2002, as amended.

3.     Second Readings – None.

4.     First Readings:

Proposal #2, P-T 671, Clinical Fieldwork I, 2 credits, course description, number was P-T 571, effective Summer 2003.
A clinically based learning experience with an emphasis on exposure to clinical practice.  Fieldwork assignment may be at either a rural hospital, a skilled nursing facility or a home health care agency.  Prerequisite: Successful completion of P-T 541 and P-T 549.  Function at beginning level in professional behavior.  Pass/Fail grading.  Offered summer session.

P-T 672, Clinical Fieldwork II, 2 credits, course description, instructional pattern, effective J-Term 2003.
Supervised clinical practice in a rural general-acute care hospital setting or a skilled nursing facility with emphasis on general practice.  Prerequisite: P-T 671 and function at developing level in professional behaviors.  Pass/Fail grading.  Offered J-Term.

P-T 773, Clinical Fieldwork III, 4 credits, number was P-T 673, effective Summer 2003.

P-T 774, Clinical Fieldwork IV, 4 credits, course description, prerequisites, effective Summer 2003.
Continue clinical mastery with emphasis on case management of the medically complex patient.  Prerequisite: P-T 672.  Offered Sem. I and summer session.

P-T 775, Clinical Fieldwork V, 4 credits, course description, effective Fall 2003.
Progress the student to an entry-level physical therapist through one post didactic clinical experience.  Prerequisite: P-T 774.  Offered Sem. I.

P-T 776, Clinical Fieldwork, 4 credits, course deletion, effective Fall 2002.
This proposal combines the clinical experiences and decreases the number of courses from 6 to 5, based on feedback that the first clinical during J Term was too condensed.  GCC recommended the following: 1) refining the outlines and titles for the fieldwork courses to give more description as to what the classes are; 2) P-T 672 has instructional pattern marked as a change, but it should be marked as other- offered in a different semester; 3) refining the length of the courses to state that it is a minimum of 40 hours per week at the clinical sites; and 4) Correct effective dates.

This was a first reading. There will be a second reading.

Proposal #3, PSY 420/520, Advanced Research Methods, 3 credits, prerequisites, effective Spring 2003.
Prerequisites: PSY 100, 210, 231, 232; MTH 205 or 250.  Offered Semester II.

PSY 451/551, Psychological Measurement, 3 credits, prerequisites, effective Spring 2003.
Prerequisites: PSY 100, MTH 205 or 250, PSY 231 and 232.

M/S/P to waive the second reading and approve the proposal.

      5.     Old Business

6.     New Business

  The meeting adjourned at 4:05 p.m.  The next GCC meeting is November 5, 2002.

  Diane L. Schumacher, GCC Secretary