Graduate Curriculum Committee Minutes

May 6, 2003


Members Present:                Barbara Eide, Thomas Krueger, Jonathan Majak, Bradley Seebach, Mark Kelley, Steve Simpson, Susan (Boon) Murray, Kasilingham Periyasamy


Members Absent:                Carol Angell, Joel Elgin (exc), Robert Krajewski (exc), Patricia Wilder (exc), Carey O’Kelly


Consultants:                         Greg Wegner, Bruce May, Ron Rada, Charles Martin-Stanley, Daniel Duquette, Diane Schumacher


Guests:                                   Mark Zellmer


1.             M/S/P to approve minutes of April 15, 2003.


2.             Second Readings:


Proposal #13, Master of Science Degree in Physician Assistant Studies, new graduate program, 105 cr. program effective Summer 2004


The remaining letters from departments were presented. Some acknowledged overlap; however, the focus, depth, timeframe, etc are different enough that no department was opposed to the program.


M/S/P to approve the proposal on the second reading as recorded in the minutes of April 15, 2003.  Program still must receive System approval to implement.


There was a discussion about policies related to one credit per week. The only university policy that restricts courses in this way is for J and May terms. Departments are expected to take time needed for reflection, mastery of material, etc into consideration when scheduling courses.  (The MS-PAS program does follow one credit per week model)



3.             First Readings: None


4.             Old Business: None


5.             New Business: None



The meeting adjourned approximately 4:05 p.m.  This was the final GCC meeting of the year.




Diane L. Schumacher

GCC Secretary