November 18, 2002


Present:  (Members): Sandy Grunwald, Jean Hindson, Jess Hollenback, Emily Johnson (chair), Mary Leonard,  Justin Odulana, Roger W. Reinsch, and Mike Winfrey

(Consultants and Guests): Terry Beck, Bruce May, and Dianne Schumacher.


1.  The chair called the meeting to order at 3:35 pm.


2.  Minutes of the meeting of November 4, 2002 meeting was approved.


3.  New Business:  There was no new business


4.      Old Business: 

A.  Reports from working groups on Outcomes:

·         Jean Hindson reported on Communication outcome and promised to put final touches on the paper, and share the outcome with all committee members before the December 2nd meeting.

·         Sandy Grunwald reported that no additional materials were added by her group on Critical Thinking.  Various suggestions were made as to the inclusion of writing skills, contextual reasoning, and integration of knowledge to the critical thinking outcome.  The group agreed to look into those issues, and to present a revised version of the outcome at the next meeting, at which point the committee will decide whether or not the outcome will be one of the two to be presented to the faculty senate.  

·         Jess Hollenback reported that his group communicated through the e-mail.  Discussions focused on possible blending of integrated learning into critical thinking.  Michael Winfrey volunteered to work with Jess and his group on that endeavor.

·         Mary Leonard reported waiting for feedback from members of her group.  She mentioned that it is most likely the group will continue working on the outcome, perhaps, until early next semester.


B.   Discussions:

The outcome reports generated the following discussion ideas:

  • In designing outcome assessment, what is the role and/or utility of using standardized tests?
  • Assessment efforts should focus on the broad outcomes (ability or proficiency area) of  General Education rather than the bulleted items or individual courses.  The bulleted items help define what is meant by each outcome and provide possible strategies for devising assessment tools.
  • The possibility of creating a preamble or preface for an outcomes document in which underlying themes and expectations are stated along with the tentative six-seven areas of learning 
  • The creation of one credit hour capstone course that will encourage each student prepare a portfolio of self-assessment (as a general requirement of General Education).


5.       "Innovative Fund":  In addition to the document submitted by Bill Cerbin which was distributed to members, suggestions were made by members as to judicious ways of utilization of the funds.  The chair will explore the possibility of sending a team consisting of members of the General Education Committee to a conference or training which has bearings on the work of and goals of the General Education.


6.   Meeting adjourned at 5.15 p.m.             

Next meeting: December 2, 2002.


Respectfully submitted,

Justin Odulana