General Education Committee Minutes

March 3, 2003

327 Graff Main Hall


Meeting was called to order at approximately 3:35 PM


Members Present:  Mary Leonard, Jean Hindson, Emily Johnson (chair), Jess Hollenback, Justin Odulana, Roger Reinsch, Bruce Riley, Mike Winfrey


Consultants Present:  Diane Schumacher, Bruce May


Guests Present:  Carol McCoy


  1. M/S/P Approve the minutes of February 17, 2003, with a typo changed regarding the CST 110 course.


  1. New Business:


    1. Carol McCoy, chair of the Clinical Science Department, presented revisions to the clinical laboratory science (CLS) writing-in-the-major program. She included clarification of how the concepts of writing assignments will be covered if students 1.) Do not enroll in CLI 200 and/or 2.) Have writing courses waived.  These students may be required to enroll in one or more independent study courses.
    2. M/S/P to approve the most recently revised writing-in-the-major proposal from Clinical Science Department
    3. Laura Nelson unavailable for discussions of changes to CST 110.  Postponed until further notice
    4. Report from Gen Ed Conference:

§         Emily, Jean, Justin, Sandy and Mike attended the conference.  They divided into groups in order to attend as many sessions as possible.  All but Sandy gave short reports on their experience in the groups.  Sandy was unable to report due to illness.


  1. Old Business:


    1. Discussion of outcome: Analysis of Complex Systems.
    2. Jess and Jean reported on sub committee meeting.  They included definition of Complex Systems in their latest draft.
    3. Discussion ensued regarding the cognitive “demand” necessary for students to show proficiency in this outcome.
    4. Jess suggested not forwarding the Complex Systems outcome to the Faculty Senate.  Perhaps it could be merged with Integration of Knowledge.
    5. Jean and Jess will continue to have further discussion in their sub committee on integrating aspects of “complex systems” into another outcome.  They will report at the March 10th meeting.
    6. Discussion of Global/Effective Citizenship and Values Outcomes.
    7. Emily suggested a move toward clarification.
    8. The committee decided to split these areas split into two outcomes.  1.) Global Perspective and Understanding Diversity. 2.) Citizenship and Ethical Decision Making.
    9. Emily and Jess will work on the Global perspective/understanding diversity outcome. Mike, Jess, Jean and Emily will work on the Citizenship and Ethical Decision Making outcome and report on March 10th meeting.


  1. Other:


    1. Review Handout from Bill Cerbin: Pilot Project to Assess UW-L Students’ Critical Thinking Skills.  Committee questions why so many instruments were being used but welcomed the initiative.  Members requested copies of the results.
    2. Reminder to committee to fill out Gen Ed committee assignments.
    3. Next meeting: March 10th at 3:30 PM in 325 Graff Main Hall.
    4. Meeting adjourned at 5:50 PM.



Respectfully submitted,

Mary Leonard